Every Durham 2023 finalist will be given a Durham University signet ring upon their graduation

The university has said it’s to make up for a ‘compromised student experience’ due to the pandemic

As part of preparations for this year’s congregation ceremonies, it has been revealed that all 2023 graduates from Durham University will be gifted a signet ring upon their graduation.

The university has decided to gift the ring to this year’s cohort of finalists as an acknowledgment of their “compromised university experience” due to the pandemic.

The ring bears the traditional Durham University crest on its face, which measures 12mm across, and is crafted from solid sterling silver. It will be tastefully presented to students in a Durham University-branded fortified cardboard box with polyester lining and silver embellishments.

Though the ring is being given completely free of charge, students can upgrade their ring to be made in solid nine carat gold instead for an added fee of £400. It can also be customised to include a personalised engraving inside the band for a small fee of £40.

The ring in silver, although it is also available in gold for an extra £400

The university has said that students will receive an order form via email next week so that they can order the correct size, and request an engraving or gold ring instead.

Students will receive the ring as part of their graduation package prior to the actual congregation ceremonies. This is package will also include Toffee the famous Durham graduation teddy bear, the ‘I bagged a Durham degree’ tote bag, and as a sweet gesture, the Durham University baby hat to encourage students join the ’70 per cent Club’ and send their children to Durham when the time comes.

You might want to check the date, you April Fools x

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