That’s gravy! Drunk escorts promised a roast for their services

More than a spit roast


After being escorted home from a party on Friday night, Ellie Phipps woke up to find out she had promised three people a roast dinner.

Having been to a house party and seeing her in a bit of a state, two friends, Ed and Will, decided to walk Ellie home.

She said “I don’t really remember anything if I’m perfectly honest. I woke up this morning fully clothed with a bucket next to my bed and knew then that I’d had a mare.”

Left on overheard by Ellie.

On the way back they ran into Luciana, who also decided to join the operation.

Ellie said: “Ed apparently made himself at home in my room when all three dropped me off…”

Ed said “On the walk home she promised us a roast, so I thought I would write her a note to remind her.”

#findluciana was effective

After losing a game of fives with her housemates, she posted the note on Facebook, with the caption “Thank you to Ed, Will and Lucy for walking me home last night whoever you are!? Please make yourself known to me so that I can keep my word on the roast!”

Will has since filled Ellie in but it hasn’t helped her memory much.

Dinner will be served next Sunday.