If you’re a straight man and you don’t eat ass you are WEAK

It’s not dirty, you just need to grow up

You've no doubt seen memes or heard jokes about eating ass. You have obviously see the Flume video. But the thought of someone forcing their tongue down another persons rear end can seem disgusting, weird or outright depraved.

However, recent studies in the US have shown up to 40 per cent of men have at one time or another eaten ass.

In fact, some men will after a while get bored of the vagina, and want to try something else. For many straight men, myself included, the best way to spice up the bedroom was to embrace being an ass eater. The science backs up that it's pleasurable to women too, with the region using the same nerves used during an orgasm leading to a tingling sensation.

It truly is the marmite of sex. People who like anilingus love it, and people who dislike it despise it. There's no in between and today I'm going to try and convince you why you should join the ass-eating brotherhood:

It's not dirty

Let's get one thing immediately clear: It doesn't taste like poo.

Cleanliness is a real issue if your partner doesn't shower. According to Planned Parenthood, cleaning that region with soapy water will get rid of those germs (but won't protect from STDs that are passed through saliva). The sex act is about as dirty as your own general hygiene.

Obviously, you're putting your raw tastebuds on someone's rear passage – the fear of tasting something you don't want to taste is real. If they don't shower after a long sweaty day then it's going to be a rough experience. However if you're both clean it won't be – simple as that.

However, if they've got an upset or empty stomach it's best to leave the sexy stuff for another time.

It doesn't make you gay

Urban Dictionary defines eating ass as "healthy but gay", and it's a genuine fear for many straight guys that ass eating whether giving or receiving is going to emasculate you, or "make" you gay.

Esquire asked 500 straight men: "During foreplay, what's the one thing that you desire from your current partner?" 12 per cent said they desired rim jobs – a minority, sure, but a sizeable one.

Sexuality is fluid. There's nothing inherently gay in performing a popular gay sex act on a consenting partner of the opposite sex. If you do want to give a rim job don't worry about your sexual orientation. You are what you are. You're likely getting good sex because of how comfortable you are with yourself.

Plus, you're an adult now. You should be free to explore any legal sexual act you wish without having someone judge you. It's super common to eat ass in the gay world, why don't you give it a try and find out why that is?

The anal orgasm is real

As said before, the anus has connected to it a series of nerves typically reserved for an orgasm. While it won't be as intense for the female receiving as it would be for the guy (the male prostate is the equivalent to the G spot and leads to very intense orgasms) it is still satisfying for women.

According to Megwyn White, director of education for sex toy company Satisfyer: “The anus is packed with nerves, especially the incredibly erogenous pudendal nerve – which connects to the clitoris". The pudendal nerve stimulated by rim jobs can carry a sensation to the genitals and anus.

To summarise, stimulating the anus with your tongue can lead to orgasms the likes of which your partner may not have experienced before – "like the high you can never quite get from mandy."

Eating ass does not mean you have to do full blown anal

After putting your tongue down you might think the logical next step is to follow through and start having anal sex. But not everyone is down for anal – after all it requires practice and lots of lube – you may have neither.

After anal play it's totally normal to then do other things that aren't anal related. You can continue foreplay or do other stuff. Eating ass isn't signing a contract saying you're about to start having anal sex.

Above all else, speak about it with your partner

If you are planning to stick your tongue in there, it's best not to not to do it as a surprise. Analingus is of course still something of a taboo so it's only right you should talk about it with your partner first.

Even if she would normally be totally down it's good to at least go over it so you can both prepare what's already been mentioned above. Cleanliness, general health, whether it will or wont lead to anal. All of this should be discussed firsthand so you both can have a great time eating ass.

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