10 things that need to be on every student’s bucket list while living in Cardiff

You’re not officially a Cardiff University student until you have ticked all these off

There are so many amazing things to do whilst living in Cardiff. It is the Welsh capital city after all, which brings endless opportunities. When first moving here, it can be overwhelming with all the fantastic prospects that Cardiff has to offer.

With so many great things to see and do, it’s tricky to navigate the best ones. So whilst living here and reading up different reviews from Cardiff University students and locals, we have created a bucket list so that you don’t have to!

Visit Cardiff Bay

Cardiff has its very own port, meaning there is a beautiful bay that you can visit. Located half an hour (walk) away from Cardiff city centre, you will find a lovely promenade scene next to the water. It is also only a short train ride away from Cardiff Queen Street station for the small price of £2.60.

The bay itself is a restaurant complex, featuring many different cuisines. A personal favourite is the Duchess of Delhi, a lovely independent Indian restaurant serving delicious homemade curries and naan bread. A perfect spot for a foodie outing with your flatmates or family.

Have coffee at Uncommon Ground Roastery

Uncommon Ground Roastery is one of our favourite coffee spots in Cardiff, which I recommend everyone visits during their time here.

It is situated inside the Royal Arcade, offering lovely seating outside the roastery as well. Inside, you will find the best coffee blends, and the prices for food are great value as well.

The rustic, cosy vibe invites you in every time you pass this establishment. The window seats make a great studying spot for hours, sipping your delicious latte.

Visit Misfits

Moving away from non-drinking activities, there always needs to be a place in Cardiff where you can meet with your friends for a good drink and dance. Misfits is the place.

Located in Cathays, not far from the student union, this independent club features snazzy decorations and cheap drinks. Most students like this place because the music is always blasting and, at the end of the night, you aren’t far from Cardiff’s best kebab shops.

Flight Club

You may have heard a lot about this place, which is known to be the “home of social darts”. Featuring a heated roof terrace, bottomless brunch, and boozy cocktails, you may be swept away in your game of darts.

The prices are fairly reasonable if you and your friends are looking to treat yourself. Also, be ready to get your free photo recap at the end of the session, where you can see your funniest moments during your game. Definitely a fun night out.

Explore the sights of the Christmas market during the festive season

Christmas season is upon us. We have the famous Christmas market in Cardiff. Sadly, it’s not available to visit all year round; however, in the winter period, there is much to see.

The markets are a great way to celebrate the festive season, and maybe even buy some of your secret Santa presents here. There is an exciting selection of stalls, and some favourites include the: Bailey’s hot chocolate stand, handmade jewellery stall, and the ice rink.

The market is located near the castle, next to the Christmas fair, which you also can’t miss. Get ready to win a soft toy and enjoy the ferris wheel!


It wouldn’t be a successful Cardiff experience without visiting the Principality Stadium! Since opening in 1999, the stadium has become an iconic staple of Welsh culture.

Tickets for a rugby match start from just £10 providing a cheap and fun day out for you and your friends and family.

The atmosphere amongst the Welsh on a match day is something you will definitely want to experience, especially if you’re a sports fan. If you are unable to attend a rugby match, the stadium offers tours almost daily, so you don’t need to miss out.

Cardiff Market

If you are looking for somewhere that offers a wide range of food and unique clothing and vinyls, Cardiff Market is the place for you. Bustling with atmosphere, this market will provide you with a unique shopping experience.

This Victorian structured building has been operating since the 1700s and is home to many local and independent businesses.

We recommend visiting Bakestones which offer fresh Welshcakes, all cooked on a traditional griddle. There are many unique Welshcakes to choose from at a reasonable price.

There is something in the market for everyone from flowers, a variety of cuisines, clothing, music, books and more.

The National Museum

The National Museum of Cardiff is a must visit when coming to Cardiff. It is free to visit which is perfect for a cheap day out and will also allow you to indulge in Wales’ heritage and history.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 until five, this museum offers something for everyone including the art gallery, natural history and the evolution of Wales!

There is also a cafe on site providing local Welsh products when available. It wouldn’t be a museum without an exciting gift shop selling unique gift ideas and Welsh products.

The museum also holds regular events and exhibitions, most of which are free of charge so keep an eye out for what will be available during your visit!

Parks and gardens

For those of you who love exploring and the outdoors, there are many stunning parks and gardens Cardiff has to offer!

One of the more popular parks would be Bute Park which is located just a short walk from the town centre and a short distance from Cardiff University, making it a hotspot for students.

There are often events taking place in the park such as marathons, festivals and the light show during Christmas time. There are also a handful of unique cafes to sit and relax.


There are seven arcades in the centre of Cardiff which is why it has been given the title of the “city of arcades”. These arcades are home of many intriguing independent businesses, bars, cafes and restaurants.

For the perfect day out exploring the arcade, we recommend starting with a shopping trip to our favourite arcade shops such as Sobey’s Vintage, Wally’s Delicatessen and Geisha Handicrafts.

After, we recommend visiting Fresh Baguette Bar which is notorious in Cardiff for its amazing fresh baguettes that are amazing value for money. The perfect way to end your visit is by having a lovely cocktail at Gin and Juice.

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