Germaine Greer’s lecture went ahead this evening, despite protests

She was greeted with warm applause

Germaine Greer gave her lecture today in the Julian Hodge building, despite a petition calling for her speech to be cancelled.

Protestors picketed the venue and handed out flyers which challenged Greer on her views about transgender people and suggested possible questions.

Police and security controlled the doors and searched entrants to the lecture.

Germaine Greer’s talk followed a petition set up by Rachel Melhuish the University’s elected Women’s Officer, which more than 3,000 people signed.

In spite of this Greer still gave her speech, opening with a joke about the controversy beforehand.

The speech went smoothly and there was only one question which asked Germaine to defend her use of “hate speech” in reference to transgender people.

She responded: “I don’t believe a woman is a man without a cock”.

Her response was greeted with a round of applause.

Protestors held signs outside the venue which read “Bigotry awarded here” and “Genitals ≠ gender’.

One protestor said: “I think you should be informed about what you are walking into”.

The protestors were not permitted entry to the venue.

All bags were searched for offending items following Greer’s appearance on Newsnight stating that she did not “want to go down there and be screamed at and have things thrown at [her]”.

Security was so tight not even chocolate bars were allowed in the venue.

There were four security guards in the theatre itself, two of which were women.

Police also patrolled the outside of the Julian Hodge.

In the middle of her opening she called out a journalist with a microphone and accused her of recording the lecture.

Greer said: “I’m a bit leery today because a journalist asked to come to a lecture and simply record it.”

Greer received a standing ovation.

The journalist explained that she was holding it for interviews afterwards and she sheepishly put it away.

Germaine proceeded to deem this an “amateur” approach.

The talk ended with a standing ovation from some members of the audience.

Germaine Greer left the audience with the comment; “Work out where power comes from!”