REVIEW: Grade Expectations

Robyn Bellinger is entertained by the relatable comedy of Grade Expectations, very much a play by students, for students.

REVIEW: Quinoa – A Middle Class Sketch Show

A bit like quinoa itself, this show was a hit and miss mixture of amusement, hilarity and awkwardness.

Bafflesmash presents: Menagerie

WILL POPPLEWELL is impressed by a sketch show that lives up to its potential


LAURA PATERSON enjoys a late-night, one-man sketch series at the ADC

The Canon: A Literary Sketch Show

HANNAH MARCUS and ALEX LAAR enjoy a patchy evening of literary humour.


TOMMY SHANE regrets that the writing wasn’t as good as the acting in this sketch show.

Edinburgh Review: Footlights in Good For You

RORY ATTWOOD enjoys ‘one of the best amateur/student sketch-shows at the Fringe, but not quite the best’.

Edinburgh Review: The Occasional Students

JASON FORBES: “At times the acting was awkward—sometimes non-existent—and the illusion broken by the odd surreptitious glance towards the audience.”

Review: The Occasional Students

Despite some excellent performances ROBERT SMITH found the Occasional Students only occasionally funny.

Reviews: Good.Clean.Men.

Good.Clean.Men. lives up to the hype for SOPHIE BAUER.