Where Do You Date…?

BAYAN PARVIZI reviews the best places to take someone way out of your league.

Robert Smith: Culture Vulture

Culture is happening all around us. If you can’t be arsed to find it yourself, our resident Culture Vulture has found it for you.

Parvizi Swaps: Pembroke vs. Newnham

Our resident food critic avoids being labelled a paedo during a relatively civillised evening of intergenerational swapping.

Review: A Prophet

BAYAN PARVIZI urges you to go and see this masterpiece at any cost.

Parvizi Eats: The Mahal

BAYAN PARVIZI joins the rest of the Tab team for a quiet meal at the epicentre of neocolonial fuckwittery.

Parvizi Watches: Take Me Out

BAYAN PARVIZI falls head over heels for this spiritual successor to Blind Date.

Parvizi Listens: Whitest Boy Alive

Our resident food critic waxes lyrical over his new favourite electrindie discovery.

Review: Midsummer House

PARVIZI EATS goes upmarket this week. No seriously, really fucking upmarket.