REVIEW: The Clinical Trials of Hercules

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Which Thespian Stereotype are you?

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REVIEW: The Wizard of Obs

Side effects of the Addenbrooke’s Charity Panto may include joy, laughter, and a great evening out, diagnoses Dr. Truelove.

Addenbrooke’s Panto: Star Wards

Non-medic Star Wars virgin CHLOE COLEMAN and fallen-medic TIM SQUIRRELL venture to Anglia Ruskin and find out that medics can be funny too – all in the name of charity.

A Children’s Guide to the Birth of Christ

AMI JONES is brought right back to her school days. And no, not in a bad way.

The Pied Piper

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Theatre Guide Dog: Week 7

TOBY PARKER REES is dreaming that he’s running.

The Chronic-Ills Of Narnia

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