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What Happens On Tour…

GENEVIEVE GAUNT gives us a behind the scenes glimpse at the Pembroke Players’ Shakespeare tour in Japan, including Gaga-related antics and finding Japan’s smallest woman.

Interview: Cherry and Ruby

‘We do it to give a draw dropping, tantalising experience.’ EVIE PRICHARD talks to Burlesque performers CHERRY AND RUBY about sequins, french knickers and nudity.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 7

HOLLY STEVENSON picks the best cultural things to do this week. This week is all about comedy gigs, vampires and celebrities in jungles.

Live Every Week Like It’s May Week

TOBY PARKER-REES hails the ridiculousness of May Week as epitomising what life before the real world should be about: not following rules, experimenting, and doing things for the sake of enjoyment.

Goodbye Gil Scott-Heron

OSCAR WILLIAMS-GRUT pays tribute to softly-spoken creative genius Gil Scott-Heron in the wake of his death last week, and laments the departure of a man who dissociated himself from the lazy, apolitical rap genre, and leaves it in much the same state today.

Top Trumps: 5 Worst Ever Films

“As Shakespeare said, shit happens.” TALIA RICHARD-CARJAVAL creates a typography for arranging the worst films of all time. Useful AND takes about six minutes of solid non-revision to read.

In Defence of the Singer non-Songwriter

THEO ZHANG, winner of Cambridge’s Got Talent, asks why we should expect singers- masters of their own instrument- to learn another and write songs with it before they can gain our respect, when we accept Sinatra, Houston and Elvis as icons in their own right.

Why are people so pessimistic about ‘student theatre’?

MATILDA WNEK: ‘Student theatre’ is dogged with associations of pretension, vacuity, talentless posing and dull or overambitious interpretations of classic texts, much more fiercely than unprofessional versions of other art forms.