Last minute Valentine’s Day date ideas according to your Cambridge student vibe

Your date will thank me x


Valentine’s Day can be high-pressure. Whether you’re stressing over securing a reservation, choosing a gift or wondering if your situationship will ask you to be his Valentine (he won’t), we have some date ideas for you. The key is to go for the right vibe – if your girl hates going out, don’t get her a ticket to a Wednesday club night. It seems obvious, but the right date is all about matching it to your partner, and if you’re low on inspiration, you are in the right place!

Vibe: Wholesome

If you think clubbing mid-week sounds like hell, and you much rather be cosy watching a film, then a wholesome date is perfect for you. Take a stroll down to Bould Brothers, and grab a coffee. The coffee may be on the pricey side, but it’s Valentine’s and the coffee is unreal. There’s a reason it’s been in Vogue! Then keep walking down to the Botanic Gardens. The gardens are gorgeous, and entry is free for students if you show ID. Sit on a bench, enjoy your coffee and be wholesome x

Bonus points if a picnic blanket is involved x

Very wholesome 

Vibe: Bougie

If your wardrobe is full of dresses, and you can do a full face of glam blindfolded, then a dinner and drinks type of date is perfect. Sticks’n’Sushi is the perfect spot. If the date is going well, walk over to Bar Oh for cocktails afterwards. Bar Oh does insane cocktails, and it’s definitely a step up from a college bar.

Vibe: Rower

No date. Too busy. Got an ERG in the morning.

Vibe: Academic weapon

If you spend 18 hours a day in various libraries, attend all your lectures and actually hand in your work on time, then you need a date that can accommodate this. I’m thinking of a night off from studying (*shock horror*) and some artsy film that is really philosophical and possibly subtitled. Mean Girls (musical), anyone?

On a serious note, check out the ADC for some amazing student performances, and check out our reviews if you need any help choosing a play. Or, head over to the Picturehouse and watch a film.

Vibe: Varsity hack

Cosy up together and bond over right-of-reply emails and trawling Camfess for potential news stories. Hold hands as you stress over the print edition! The opportunities are endless xx

If you fancy something a bit more date-y, then why not have a pizza at Limoncello? It’s a gorgeous setting and does amazing pasta dishes as well. Finish the night at Free Press where you can chat over drinks, and brainstorm article ideas! Cute x

date approved!

Vibe: Tab Writer

Spend the day fighting off all the people begging to date you because you are just so funny and cool and hot xx

Feature Image Credits: Lauren WR 

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