Best Bums 2013: Vote Now

It’s back, and they’re bigger than ever. Vote for your favourite now.

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Update: Due to copyright infringement with Rear Of The Year Ltd, we have been forced to change the name of our competition to Best Bums.




1. Gwendoline from Sidney Sussex reading Arabic.

Interesting Fact: Gwendoline used to be a professional power lifter.

2. Amber from Trinity Hall reading Geography.

Interesting Fact: Amber wrote her entire dissertation in the nude.

3. Shelley from Newnham reading Chinese

Interesting Fact: Shelley competes for the University dressage team.

4. Bella from Queens’ reading Natsci.

Interesting Fact: Bella once read an entire CUSU bulletin.

5. Pam from Lucy Cav reading ASNAC.

Interesting Fact: Pam is a keen sailor.




1. Joe from Pembroke reading Maths.

Interesting Fact: This was a photo-bomb.

2. Sam from Clare Hall reading Natsci

Interesting Fact: “At home I have a rookery because I just love rooks”.

3. Thomas from Trinity is a 2nd year Performance Art student.

Interesting Fact: The socks always stay on.

4. Waldron from Corpus reading Arch and Anth

Interesting Fact: Waldron collects Soviet era calculators.

5. Dave from Christ’s reading English

Interesting Fact: Dave starred as the naked lead role in Equus.



Following criticism from certain quarters that the awards are “sexist” and “irresponsible”, three of the participants issue their rear-sponse.