Mental Health at Bristol

Mental Health at Bristol

We spoke to Olisa’s best friend who has started a mental health podcast in his memory

The first episode features mental health activist Ben West as his guest

All the wellbeing support available to Bristol Uni students

Here’s a complete breakdown of every wellbeing service the university offer

Riverside Halls JCR pass motion of No Confidence in UoB ResiLife

The motion was passed unanimously

‘Mental Health is the foundation for life’: UoB students on tackling the mental health crisis

45 per cent of Bristol students screened positive for depression, 35 per cent for anxiety

Hundreds of Bristol students march on Senate House demanding better mental health care

‘Use your wealth for student health’

‘I have full confidence in management’: An interview with Vice-Chancellor Hugh Brady on mental health at Bristol

‘You understand why there’s so much gloom and worry within the institution’

Bristol University unveils revised model for pastoral care in halls of residence

The biggest changes to halls in UoB history

It’s a landslide: Students reject hubs in major reversal for Students’ Union

The referendum was 90 per cent against hubs

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