Too Good To Go? Seven of the best spots near Bristol University to grab a leftover bargain

If you fancy some cake, sandwiches or a reason to get more vegetables into your diet why not try these seven places saving both money and the environment

Already well-known and used, Too Good To Go is an app that allows people to purchase top-quality food which would otherwise be thrown away at a significantly reduced price helping both businesses and the environment. It exists within the context of a study by WRAP, a climate action NGO looking to tackle the cause of the climate crisis, which places global food production as up to 37 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions yet as much as 40 per cent of food is wasted. The Too Good To Go message is simply: “Food waste is a big problem, and we can be a solution.

“Too Good To Go is the app that lets you rescue unsold food from an untimely fate at your favourite spots.”

Whilst many students skimp on food quality or small luxuries in a bid to reduce costs in the face of rising rent and the ever-increasing price of a pint, Too Good To Go is the perfect way for you to enjoy some fresh bread, ensure you get vegetables in your diet or even just a slice of cake. The app provides the easiest way to save on both quality and quantity whilst appreciating the warm glow that comes with helping local businesses and saving the environment. As such here are seven Too Good To Go’s in Bristol nearby to the university providing value for money.

Parson’s Bakery – £4.59

Already a well-known Bristol student favourite, make your own and better meal deal from what wasn’t sold that day.  With locations by Bristol University, in Clifton or even up Gloucester Road they provide both an accessible and delicious way to get your hands on some pastries or other baked goods. Providing not only pastries, there is also a chance to get your hands on a loaf of their bread which remains miles better than cheap supermarket loaves.

Chandos Deli – £3.35

Located in Clifton at the top of Princess Victoria Street, Chandos Deli provides a great selection of not just bread but also ready-made baguette sandwiches and sweet cakes; perfect for making a lunch out of for the following day it provides extraordinary value for money. Comparable to Parsons, the Deli provides a slightly more unique selection of both meat and veggie options allowing for what is, perhaps, a welcome change.

ANNA Cake Couture – £4

One for those with a sweet tooth, ANNA Cake Couture is a shop located in Clifton just up from Princess Victoria Street. Selling everything from cakes to cookies through to macaroons their Too Good To Go’s reflect the premium prices, providing both quality and value for money. Although they sell out quickly, keep an eye out for when it’s available as it is well worth it.

Eat A Pitta – £4.59

Another well-known Bristol staple with locations throughout the city, Eat A Pitta provides an entirely vegetarian option as opposed to others which may contain meat products. Providing anything from a selection of their falafels through to prepared salads there remains plenty of options and variance in what you may receive. On top of this, a pot of one of their sauces is often provided meaning that with the purchase of your own pittas, you can recreate the experience for a fraction of the price by yourself.

Crafty Beans Cakes and Café – £4

Recently having opened a café on Park Street alongside their slightly less permanent residence in St Nick’s Market, Crafty Beans provides a selection of cakes, toasties or croissants. Usually giving out at least a slice of cake and a toastie, it can make for a cheap, good-quality lunch, a quick afternoon snack and potentially even breakfast the following day for a fraction of what it otherwise might cost. Having two locations also means double the chance of getting one of their bags or even just making the most of what they offer.

Clifton Fruit and Veg – £4

Another vegetarian option or for some an easy way to get more fruit and vegetables into their diet, Clifton Fruit and Veg is located, as the name suggests, in Clifton just off the main road of Regent Street. Whilst potentially just past their best-before date, the fruit and veg they provide are still perfectly eatable coming in handy particularly if you fancy making soups or smoothies. A balanced diet can be hard to achieve at university but having a selection of fresh produce readily available at a discounted price makes it all the more achievable.

Aya Sushi – £4.99

As the name suggests this is not one for those who don’t like sushi or fish more generally! Located on Queens Road opposite the Wills building and Bristol University it provides top quality fish and veggie sushi. Not only that but each Too Good To Go comes with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger and crispy onions meaning they can be enjoyed straight away with no extra hassle.

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