Here’s how to make the most of term two, if first term didn’t live up to expectations

If your TB1 was a write off, we’re here to help you make a comeback as summer approaches

Now the Christmas festivities are over, coming back to Bristol brings forth the harsh realities of winter. Waking up in the darkness of the morning, and walking home after the sun has already set creates a cycle of dullness, not to mention getting soaked by the torrential showers on the way, no matter how hard you try to stay dry.

It all seems extremely depressing and draining as we long for spring and summer to bring back our happiness and help us out of the pit of despair, but here’s a guide to pull yourself together and get back on track this term.

1. Getting back into a good daily routine

As cliché as it sounds, setting out a manageable and fair daily routine makes all the difference to make you feel more organised and productive. Waking up around the same time every day gives you a stable sleep schedule – because going to bed at 3am and waking up in the late afternoon is a recipe for disaster.

Whilst this is bound to be broken from nights out, getting enough sleep and feeling energised is the best step to get yourself back to the reality of uni work.

2. Be more active

When it’s freezing outside, the temptation to stay in the warmth of your bed is at an all-time high, but (though it saddens me to admit) rotting away in your bedroom will do you more harm than good.

Whether you join a gym, run, or gather your mates together for a ‘hot girl walk’, getting out and being active will make you feel way better afterwards for accomplishing something in your day, not to mention being a great way to de-stress. Setting goals will encourage you to start, and stick to it (get those summer bods ready).

3. Plan your week around what work you have to complete

Setting out a plan of when each piece of work is due will make your life a lot less stressful, look ahead to when assignments are due and giving yourself enough time to plan and complete it makes it much more manageable. Above all, it will get you out of the habit of pulling an all-nighter the day before it’s due to cram in two weeks’ worth of writing.

4. Make sure to give yourself time off

Try giving yourself one day of the week to completely relax and take a break from looking at uni work. Socialise, spend time with your housemates and do things you love to break up the cycle – without it, every day feels like Groundhog Day.

5. Try and cook more

We get it – putting a ready meal in the microwave for a couple of minutes is a quick, convenient and cheap option when you really can’t be bothered. However, eating them day in and day out is probably not great for you. Cooking with ingredients that feel like eating real food that you haven’t had since being at home for Christmas will make all the difference, and not to mention taste a lot better.

6. Make summer plans to look forward to

Before we know it the sun will start to rise earlier and set later, so when you have completed the dread of winter, there are many plans to make as a reward and to get into the summer spirit. Think of the festivals, balls, and other events that Bristol has to offer, which gives you an end goal to work towards.

7. Relax in the evenings

After a long day’s work, you deserve a bit of downtime to let your brain rest. Whether this entails watching Love Island: All Stars (guilty), the new season of The Apprentice, or simply scrolling through TikTok before bed; late-night sessions in the ASS  are out for 2024, and relaxing is most definitely in.

8. Join a new society

Societies are always open to taking new members and it’s a great way to put yourself out there, to do new things with new people – whether it’s a sport, something surrounding your course, or a new hobby you’ve always wanted to take up, the opportunities available are endless.

9. Actually attend your lectures

Whilst you don’t have much of a choice to miss those pointless lectures any more thanks to the new check-in app, getting out of the house and going is better than nothing to get some fresh air into your day. This also goes for the library – even if you end up spending more time gossiping with your mates, it’s still inevitably better than not going at all.

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