Bristol Uni student’s car goes up in flames in the middle of the night

‘The fuel tank ruptured, and it started exploding’

A car belonging to a University of Bristol student went up in flames late on Monday night.

The Ford Fiesta was parked outside the student’s house, off Alma Road in Clifton, when the smell of burning petrol awoke residents at around midnight.

This was soon followed by the sounding of a smoke alarm which had been set off due to an open window which was near the flaming car.

Flames engulfed the car on Monday at approximately midnight

In an interview with The Bristol Tab, the owner of the Fiesta recalled the turn of events, saying: “I was in bed, and I woke up to the smell of smoke and shouting outside.

“I go downstairs and see the flames out of the window, and I immediately think the house is on fire, so I started running through the house screaming to get all of my housemates outside.”

The car soon began to explode as the fire ignited the fuel tank, the student said: “The flames must have been about three metres high.

“Someone had already called the fire brigade before I got out of the house, they got here within minutes and put it out.”

The aftermath of the fire

The student claims that the fire brigade did not believe the explosion was anything to cause suspicion, they told The Bristol Tab: “It wasn’t arson, they think it was an electrical fault.”

The car was safely removed from the roadside this morning.

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