Here’s what each type of Bristol Uni society says about you, and why you should join one

A comprehensive list of the society stereotypes you’ll run into at Bristol University


Societies are one of the best ways to meet new people and try new things whilst at university, but also a great way to experience some classic stereotypes. Whether you’re a total jock that basically lives in Fishies or you fancy trying out some Pokemon training, there is absolutely a society for everyone, no matter how niche (we see you, Horological Society).

With Freshers’ Fair coming up this week, why not refresh your memory of some of Bristol’s almost 400 unique societies, and what kind of people you may run into?


1. Sports Societies

Credit via Smif Sports Photography

If you are in a major sports society, it’s fair to assume that you’ve drunk more VKs than water in the last week. Most commonly characterised by being fit af and regularly caught in Gravity on a Wednesday, these students are most definitely party people. If you love socialising and also burning some energy on the pitch, then joining a sports society would be my first instruction for any fresher hoping to meet new people.


2. Wild Swimming or Surf Society

All I’m saying is, if you want to hear about some ‘suuuperrr sickkk gap yaahs’ then joining this society might be for you. Most people are really chilled out though and love nature, plus it sounds like a very wholesome hobby to tell your parents about and can help you explore some more of wider Bristol. However, if changing on a river bank and then diving in some icy rivers in December doesn’t sound like it’s for you, maybe give these a miss.


3. DJ society

This one goes out to my Basement 45 lovers. DJ society membership requirements include; a nicotine addiction, being a UH resident and the ability to skank for five hours straight. Don’t ask them to talk about Old Crown Courts closing down as they may start crying.


4. Taylor Swift Society

Feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. Members of this society are likely to have a horror story about Ticketmaster and know where all the best pop nights in Bristol are. Spoiler alert: it’s Lizard Lounge Taylor Tuesdays.

5. Academic Societies

Credit: @bristolpolsoc on instagram

These guys know the secret; joining your course society is just an excuse to go out one extra night a week. It can add a lovely bit of spice to your 9am seminar when you were in the club with half of the group just a few hours before. Beyond the socials and the intramural sports opportunities, nothing gets you closer to your coursemates than helping them stagger home from The Triangle.


6. Fashion Society

Credit: @uobfashion on instagram

Have you ever been intimidated walking to your lecture in Crocs and socks when you pass someone looking like they stepped off a Pinterest board? You can bet they’re in Fashion Society. These individuals are allergic to fashion errors like wearing a scarf that’s wider than a piece of string or a backpack instead of a tote bag. Members can be frequently spotted scrolling on Vinted or Depop for their next funky jacket to show off in their lecture.

7. Combat Sports

Definitely not people to spill your drink on in the smoking area. Almost always wearing their Bristol sports quarter zip fleece with the specific way they can knock you out printed on the front, in case you were in doubt. Whether you want to box, try Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiujitsu, Bristol Uni has plenty of choices for you to let out some anger and learn a bit of discipline (and they aren’t actually that scary, don’t worry). You may also want to wait till October to join The Fighter and join a student fight at the end of the term if you think you can handle it.

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