The Bristol Tab’s Clubbers of the Week

Did you fall victim to a club photographer and their ring light last week? You could be eligible for compensation

Last week was the first week back at uni for many of us which obviously meant it was finally time to return to all our favourite club nights with endless enthusiasm.

The long Christmas break provided a great opportunity for us to recharge mentally and physically so everyone should now be ready and raring to go back to necking VKs and chatting shit in the smoking area at least twice a week once again. Go. Be free. Nothing’s holding you back from wreaking havoc across the streets of Bristol anymore.

We’ve decided to do the honours of looking through all the club Facebook photo albums from this first week back, so that none of your gorgeous drunken photos go to waste.

Here are our favourites this week. Fingers crossed you made the cut!

BED Mondays at The Clock Factory

Starting off with some unreal vibes at the brand new Bed Mondays which now takes place in city centre at The Clock Factory. Everyone here looks like they’re having oh so much fun in the ball pit which probably could have remained a thing of BED Mondays past.

Honestly, the girl at the front looks like she may not ever be able to break free from the dreaded clutches of the pit. Bless her. Someone help her out please.

Fishies at Gravity

Love this group of huns. Love everyone’s enthusiasm. Love this photo. I can feel the essence of the Fishies silent disco flowing through my screen. I don’t even have to attend I can just look at this photo.

Everyone is absolutely ecstatic to be running around with a pair of headphones blasting Havana by Camilla Cabello into their ears so loud that they could be at risk of tinnitus.

La Rocca

I would do ungodly things, maybe even lick the La Rocca dance floor, to find out the background behind this photo. What were these two queens talking about? What had they seen? What possibly could have happened to warrant a reaction of such disgust?

La Rocca (again)

Sadly Lizard Lounge will not be featuring in this weeks edition of Clubber of the Week, so here’s another one from La Rocca, the gift that keeps on giving.

There’s always one isn’t there. Poor girl is clearly struggling to find her straw and has been unfortunately captured in this vulnerable moment. She would’ve gotten away with if it wasn’t for that pesky photographer.

Everyone else is on top form though. That pink scarf is so Sharpay Evans core. Skinny scarfs in the club all 2023 please.

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