New BED Mondays and new Monday Night Bristol at Gravity: I went to both and the results are in

Mini golf and a bucking bronco? Wtf is going on?

An essential night for all those looking for an easy shag, the relaunch of “BED Mondays” in the new location of Clock Factory, as well as the new “Monday Night Bristol” event held at Gravity, brought much excitement and anticipation.

In light of this, yours truly decided to undertake her civic duty and attend both, yes I repeat both, Monday night events for the greater good of the student body.

Although my expectations were on the floor, I was pleasantly surprised by what I witnessed, so let’s dive into it with, firstly, BED Mondays at Clock Factory.

Clock Factory 6.97/10

Shelling out a whopping £7 for an Uber to the City Centre location did, admittedly, mean I was in a slightly grumpy mood upon arrival. However, this was quickly dispelled by the sounds of actually quite good music.

Greeted by DnB on the first floor, there was an impressive light display behind the stage which made me feel like I was in Lakota, except without the toilet queue.

We had a busy schedule so arrived fairly early, the dance floor was not that busy so we headed up to the second floor in the hopes of playing a spot of mini golf, and disappointed we were not.

Picking up our clubs from behind the bar we channeled our inner Tiger Woods and attempted a hole in one.

Not to play the blame game but the lighting was far too dark for me to actually hit the ball. This may have been down to my own lack of skill, but who can say. This wasn’t too much of a worry, though, because I definitely looked really fit trying.

Unfortunately, the ball pit was closed when we attempted to use it. Gutted. At least there was the soothing sound of disco to console me, although floor two was definitely advertised as UKG.

Overall, I’d give the new BED a 6.97/10. The old BED at Grav was not my cup of tea anyway, but this is a definite improvement and something to go to if you’re bored on a Monday and don’t fancy the fresher frenzy of Gravity.

Monday Night Bristol 7.42/10

Pulling up to Grav and being greeted by a fuck off huge queue meant my hopes were high. Surely these people aren’t waiting in the freezing cold for nothing.

Descending the stairs triggered flashbacks but, once again, I was pleasantly surprised. Well done Bristol students. The night appeared to have adopted a jungle theme will plenty of foliage hanging from the ceiling which did a good job of hiding the fact we were in Gravity.

The only way I can describe the main room would be better music (think Mella Dee) but mixed in the same questionable way. By this point we were drunk enough to not absolutely hate it and so was everybody else seemingly.

Room 2, in my eyes, was superior with student DJs playing some tunes that would fit in nicely at Crofters, and everyone was having a proper boogie.

Topping this off was the inflatable bull. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know this was always a thing, but it provided great entertainment to watch people get launched off in a drunken state.

The downside was that there were a lot of freshers which is to be expected. I don’t hate you, it just made it quite pushy compared to Clock Factory- that part of Grav can clearly never be changed.

I’m going to say that Gravity slightly trumps Clock Factory, giving it a 7.42/10 for its ease of location and marginally more popular tunes.

Although BED had decent DnB, MNB had some not terrible singalong songs which fit the aura of what a Monday night should be, because who really goes to either event for a transcendental rave experience?

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