A list of things all Birmingham students need to do before graduating

Are you really a UoB student if you haven’t been kicked out of the Guild?

Graduation is approaching for students in their final year, so we’ve made a list of all things Uni of Birmingham students need to have done in their time here.

If you’re not a graduating student and are returning in September, consider this a bucket list.

Had an argument with your flat/house mates

It’s inevitable this is going to happen, it’s a university students right of passage to have a massive argument with someone you’re living with. Whether this was first year with the randomers you were thrown into accommodation with, or whether it was in second or third year when you utterly regret who you’ve chosen to live with.

Missed every 9am class

It’s unrealistic for the uni to put 9am’s on out timetable and expect us to show up. UoB is known for its heavy drinking and partying, so who is up and on campus by nine am?

Sent in a Brumfess/Brumble

This is a right of passage, sometimes there’s that one 10/10 at the gym you just need to find out who they are. Bonus points if you’ve had one written about you.

Been kicked out of the Guild

Sports nights and Fab just have something in the air that makes everyone get stupidly drunk, it’s probably their massive jaegers. So if you’ve never been kicked out of the Guild for being too drunk, you need to re-evaluate your life choices.

Had a BBQ at the Vale

A right of passage that everyone needs to have done in their first year, sorry to those this year when the weather does not want to allow us this experience.

Missed a deadline because you were partying so much

“I’ll just do it tomorrow” is a slippery slop to go down, that almost everyone has been caught by. Suddenly a month long deadline turns into 24 hours to start the essay and complete it because you prioritised your clubbing over your uni work.

Gone for “one drink” at The Goose

It’s always the same story, your mates promise you it’ll be one drink and before you know it you’re on The Goose dance floor at midnight absolutely wasted.

Done the walk of shame through Selly

Is there anything more embarrassing than walking threw Selly on a Thursday morning in your ridiculous Sports night costume after going back to a randomers you pulled the night before?

Got 100+ photos of Old Joe on your phone

Let’s be real, Old Joe is the pride and joy of every UoB student and we take every opportunity we can to get an IG worthy pic of him.

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