UCU marking boycott to affect University of Birmingham students

The boycott has already started


After months of industrial action affecting students, the Universities and College Union (UCU) has now announced that they are calling for all staff to partake in a marking boycott.

This marking boycott is set to last a whole sox months, until October 2023, unless agreements can be made and the UCU calls it off.

145 universities have agreed to join this marking boycott, including the University of Birmingham.

The University of Birmingham have released information to students on this matter. The uni wants to remind all students that although they may be concerned, they need to remember “that not all staff belong to UCU and that most students will be unaffected”.

With deadline and exam season just a few weeks away the university also stated that all exams and due dates will still be going ahead and work will still need to be completed.

The University said: “Our priority is to ensure that you receive your marks and feedback, and that you are able to progress to the next stage of study or to graduate as expected, as long as you meet the requirements of your course. If you are likely to experience a delay in receiving grades and/or feedback as a result of industrial action then you will be notified by your Head of School.”

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