Birmingham Guild Elections are here – we have a rundown of the main contenders

We got the juicy details on candidates, so you don’t have to

Elections are already well underway for positions in Birmingham’s Guild of Students, and will continue until Friday 3rd March at 16:00. The list of full-time positions includes the Guild President, accompanied by the Education, Postgraduate, Activity, International and Welfare Officers, and there are a range of part-time officer positions available too.

We had a chat with a few of the contenders in the Guild Elections 2023 – if you’re looking for more information on future leaders of The Guild, look no further. Here’s a quick introduction:

Tarandeep Singh studies Advanced Engineering Management, and is running for Guild President. He told The Tab Birmingham: “I have observed a few gaps in the system that are in the need to be filled and I believe I can fill them.” If elected, he hopes to be “able to serve the institution which served me for one year of quality education.” Tarandeep promises a 24/7 helpline to deal with emergencies on campus, five free booking a month at the Sports and Fitness centre and a formation of a student “grievance committee”.

Amira Campbell is also running for President – she studies Music, and wants you to know that she’s determined to resolve the challenges students face at The Guild. “Being at the heart of the Black Voices campaign has meant I have spent a lot of time working with the guild, and I empathise with many students’ frustrations.” Amira’s manifesto commitments include drop in sessions for society committee members, support of liberation campaigns and a review of the reasonable adjustment policy.

Ben Lockley, a Politics Masters student, is running for re-election as Postgraduate Officer, and told The Tab Birmingham he is “running as we’ve achieved so much for students this year as a team, but there’s still so much more to do!” Some of these include releasing timetables earlier and delivering a Postgraduate Ball.

Matty Widdop, a second year Computer Science student, sits on the Guild Education Committee that “makes decisions on academic issues to push and lobby the university on”, and believes he’s the best choice for Education Officer. He promises more information on the student rep system and publishing how the Guild and University spend its money.

And finally, History and Politics student Joe Hill is also running for Education Officer. Working part-time in the Guild has prepared him for taking on more responsibility – and he believes that he will be “a really effective voice representing students interests to the university.” His manifesto commitments include compensation for strikes and a reading week for every course.

Now that introductions are over, let’s ask them about what we really want to know:

Image credit: Facebook @BigBen4Postgrad

What’s your favourite food spot on campus?

Tarandeep: Food at the Staff House is really good, affordable, delicious and nutritious too.

Amira: On campus? The burritos in University Centre are banging, even if they hurt my bank account every time I go.

Ben: Probably Sports and Fitness Costa, to grab a bite before getting back to work. It’s such a vibe that you can see the pool while you enjoy your coffee too.

Joe: Favourite food spot on campus has got to be Subway after a shift at the Guild – I have a real soft spot for Joe’s though too.

Matty: My favourite food spot probably has to be the chippy – affordability is definitely an issue across catering venues on campus, but as a special treat it’s definitely a good one.

What’s the best place to chill with friends in Birmingham?

Tarandeep: I usually don’t go out to drink or party, though I love adventure sports. But in Birmingham, I love to spend time at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick as it has extremely positive vibes and free food as well.

Amira: Ooh! There is a really nice Hong Kong restaurant in the back of Taste the Orient on Bristol Road. Congee post-concert with a friend there is bliss.

Ben: I love to chill out in Selly Park! Kicking a ball about there with my friends is always such a vibe when the weather warms up.

Joe: As much as I like a night out, I think my favourite place to meet friends is the Bristol Pear.

Matty: Lane 7 for a good bowling session is always hilarious and good vibes. Cannon Hill Park is also really chill, and on the occasional days when the weather is decent it’s a really nice picnic spot with my housemates.

Image credit: Facebook @joehill

Best night out in Selly Oak?

Tarandeep: It might sound boring, but I don’t go on nights out.

Amira: The Indie Lounge. That counts right? JFS or Live Music Soc nights there have been some of my favourite nights out these past years. (I am in my final year of my degree and the first time I will go to Circo will be on the 3rd of March…Don’t hate me!)

Ben: Definitely Sports Night! It’s always such a vibe to go there with my club.

Joe: Best night out in Selly is Circo for me – where else can you be home in five minutes after a night out?

Matty: I tend to be more of a house-party guy myself, but when I do head out it’s usually to Sports Night. It’s really convenient as it’s so close!

Favourite room in The Guild?

Tarandeep: Main Hall around the Reception is good due to its chill vibes and nice view of Mermaid fountain!

Amira: Ooh! I have to choose the Council Chambers. I have so many great Black Voices memories there (although the lack of a projector is far from ideal).

Ben: For sure my office, where I would like to remain for another year so vote for me please, haha.

Joe: I don’t know if it counts as a room, but I think the best part of a busy Fab/Sports Night is chatting to people you barely know in the smoking area. A key part of any night out!

Matty: Roomy McRoom Face – I have no idea where it is, what’s in it or what it’s used for, but purely based on the name I just think it’s really fucking funny!

Make sure to vote for your officers here!

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