Uma and Wil are set to SPLIT?! Plus a ‘mass cull’ of Islanders is coming!

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A ‘mass cull’ of Islanders is set to come our way

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We’ve seen recently the villa become fit to bursting with Islanders returning from Casa Amor and having to sleep on the day beds. Uma and Wil and Trey and Ellie have all gone, but there are still waaaaay too many people in that villa.

So, to combat this, it’s been reported bosses are planning a “mass cull” of Islanders, so we should prepare for lots of dumpings. A source told The Sun: “Logistically there are too many people in that villa right now, but in terms of the flow of the show the sheer amount of singles is a big no-no. The central premise of the show is to remain on Love Island, you have to be in a couple. Bosses staged a mega cull and it shook things up.”

The first of this could come as early as tonight, when the results of the public vote are given to the villa. Ayo receives an unexpected text message asking the Islanders to gather round the fire pit immediately.

Grace then receives a text, which reveals: “Islanders, the public have been voting for their favourite girl and favourite boy, those with the fewest votes will be at risk of being dumped from the island tonight. As Josh and Reuben are the newest Islanders, they are not included in the vote.”

As the unexpected news shocks the villa, which girls and boys will be named at risk? And with the public’s votes determining their fate, who will be dumped from the villa immediately?

Tonight, an iconic challenge makes its return

Love Island 2024

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In a preview of tonight’s episode, an iconic challenge is making its return, and it’s set to cause chaos among the couples. Grace receives a text revealing details of the day’s saucy kissing challenge.

It reads: “Islanders, It’s time to pucker up and find out who’s the sauciest snogger in today’s Kissing Competition. #LustyLipsing #NoPecksAllowed”. Nicole warns Ciaran: “You better get that right, I swear.”

As the girls prepare to pucker up, and the boys don their noise cancelling headphones and eye masks, it’s time to get down to business.

One girl is rated “Nice and slow, but a little bit sloppy”, whilst one boy will admit “That kiss had me tingling all over I didn’t want it to stop.” One girl will have Joey saying “I feel like this girl might be in love with me or something.”

But which girl will take the crown as the best kisser, and who will be less than impressed by their snogging score?

A body language expert says Uma and Wil won’t last in the real world

Love Island 2024

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Uma might have made the ultimate romantic gesture and left the villa when Wil was dumped, but a body language expert thinks she might have jumped the gun a bit, and is set for a broken heart.

Speaking on behalf of FruitySlots, body language expert Darren Stanton told The Tab Uma has stronger feelings than Wil does, and he’s “not emotionally engaged” and “doesn’t feel positive” about Uma leaving with him.

“Uma and Wil may have a connection but it’s clear that Uma’s feelings for Wil are stronger,” he explained. “She displayed obvious emotion and appeared to be shaking and full of tears at the thought of Wil leaving. When Wil stood up and walked over to Uma to comfort her, she wrapped her arms around his neck as if she was afraid to lose him. He kept his eyes open during their embrace, despite how close they were – which likely means he’s not emotionally engaged.

“Later on when saying goodbye to the boys, Wil mentioned Uma’s decision to leave and said ‘We’ll see how it goes’. These words are not heartfelt or full of excitement for the future. He also looks down straight after saying it, which signals to me he’s checking in with how the situation makes him feel. His facial expression doesn’t change, which leads me to think he doesn’t feel positive about it.”

According to Darren, Wil has no intention of staying loyal to Uma and displayed no genuine emotion towards her. Ouch!

Ofcom has been hit with loads of complaints about movie night

Love Island 2024

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Every year Ofcom gets flooded with complaints about Love Island, usually down to people being unhappy with how the Islanders have been treated. In its latest statement, Ofcom has confirmed it received 55 complaints in response to movie night.

It all kicked off in the villa during the annual film festival, and Ofcom has said the majority of people aimed their anger at Nicole’s attitude towards partner Ciaran, as scenes showing him in Casa Amor played out.

There have been less challenges this year because there’s been ‘too much drama’ in the villa

Despite there literally being a challenge coming up tonight, bosses have still clarified why there has only previously been one this year, when in past seasons we’d get the Islanders leaving the villa to do some silly challenge most weeks.

Apparently, the big reason we haven’t seen the Islanders dress up as fire fighters, shove food in each other’s gobs and read out wild facts about each other is simply because there’s been too much drama to fit them in. Sure.

A source told The Sun there have been many storylines naturally occurring among the cast, there’s been no need to ramp up conflict or tension by exposing lies or by creating opportunities for snogs. The source said: “Execs are already spoilt for choice when coming to each day’s edit, the reality has just been so strong.

“So there’s been no need to include challenges like usual. They’re already having to leave juicy stuff out because they’re struggling for space. Challenges aren’t gone for good, but the focus is on using each episode to air all of the drama that’s playing out organically.”

Love Island 2024

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PSA: Love Island will be on at a different time tonight!

This is a public service announcement to let everyone know that because of the England footie later on, Love Island won’t be in its normal time slot. It will be shown on ITV2 at 10pm, with the football being on at 8pm.

However, if you have zero interest in watching the boys *maybe* bring it home, you can watch tonight’s Love Island on ITVX from 9pm.

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