Cheating and splits: All the drama going down between the Perfect Match cast since the show

They take their roles of reality TV villains very seriously

Since Perfect Match season two came to an end, the drama between the cast members hasn’t stopped. The cameras might have stopped rolling and they’ve all flown home from the luxury villa, but the beef between everyone seems to only just be starting.

Since the reality show ended the couples have broken up, there have been cheating allegations and even a claim that the entire show was rigged. It’s really been a lot.

So sit down and relax, because there’s a lot of post Perfect Match season two drama to sink your teeth into. Here’s a complete rundown of everything going down right now.

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal spoke about why their relationship didn’t work out

Perfect Match season two cast drama since the show

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We probably should have seen it coming, but Harry and Jessica broke up not long after the show. Jessica said inside the Perfect Match villa she had trusted what Harry was telling her, but “outside of the show it was more of like, an all right, fool me twice shame on me, I’m gonna have to take that on ’cause I did know better.”

She said they had conversations about Harry’s reputation from reality TV, and that she felt very different from him because he was a “veteran” on dating shows.

Not long after the show filmed, Harry was cast on Dancing With the Stars, and spoke of having a girlfriend – which people have now assumed must have been Jessica.

“I had a secret relationship at the start of Dancing With the Stars,” he said on his Boyfriend Material podcast at the time. “I was madly in love with this girl. It was probably just infatuation, but I thought it was love.”

Harry added: “It ended up ending, and it fizzled out because it’s so difficult to see your boyfriend or girlfriend on Dancing with the Stars being that close with someone else.”

Chris accused cast members of having a ‘treaty’ to rig the final vote

Quite possibly the biggest bit of after show drama has been Chris saying the finale of Perfect Match season two was rigged. After the show he posted a video and claimed cast members had a “secret treaty” to fix the final vote.

“You’re probably wondering how the hell did Nigel and Christine win Perfect Match,” he said in a video. “So what happens is, every single cast member on the show gets a vote. If you’re in the house, outside the house, it doesn’t matter. What they did, is they made a little treaty. They made a little deal.

“They made the treaty that if one person from this group, from the outside house group, gets into the finale with one of the final couples, we all will vote for them. Nigel is one, Christine is the other. They didn’t really get in the house that much, this is their first time really in the house, they just matched up! They’d been on for one episode!

“Everyone’s gonna ask like, how the hell did they win? Everyone outside the house during that ‘pact’ voted for Nigel and Christine to win it. Did they deserve to win Perfect Match? Absolutely not.”

Micah and Kaz both accused each other of cheating

Perfect Match season two cast drama since the show

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Micah and Kaz have also not worked out since the show, and have now been back and forth making accusations about one another. First, Micah claimed Kaz kissed another member of the cast during the Perfect Match press tour.

Micah appeared on the Viall Files, and said: “I don’t think I need to say a lot for people to draw their own conclusions to what happened. I mean it was pretty much written in stone, what anyone could have guessed, happened.

“He continued to explore other options once the cameras were off and I wasn’t interested in exploring other options, and I was under the impression we weren’t doing that. I was like ‘Is there another kissing competition?’ There was another kissing competition off camera, let’s just say that.”

She then said Kaz denied anything had happened but she told him, “you’re dead to me, never speak to me again.” Ouch!

But their drama didn’t end there, because Kaz has clapped back and claimed Micah cheated with one of the Perfect Match producers! Speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast, Kaz was talking about why he left their relationship and said whilst he and the cast were out drinking, he found flirty text messages on Micah’s phone from a producer working on Perfect Match. “I saw quite a lot of messages,” he said, and added that’s what prompted him to leave her. 

Harry said he was drunk throughout filming, and Elys shaded him in a TikTok

Perfect Match season two cast drama since the show

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Harry later admitted he doesn’t remember much of Perfect Match season two, because he was drunk for most of filming. Harry had previously spent 13 months sober, but broke this around the time of filming the show. Speaking on his podcast Boyfriend Material, Harry spoke about his experiences filming Perfect Match and said he was drunk “90 per cent of the time” and made “dumb decisions”.

He said: “I was absolutely sideways 90 per cent of the time. There’s a lot of conversations and things that we all see that I’m seeing for the first time and I’m like, ‘Why did I say that? What is going on?’. If you look at my eyes, I look very drunk. I look like I’ve got problems, and I did have a lot of problems.”

Harry went on to admit he was “a little bit drunk” during arguments with Elys, so “didn’t know what was going on” and didn’t treat her in the best way he should have. Elys seems to have shaded this comment, posting a TikTok saying: “Imagine thinking releasing a podcast would be a good idea.”

Harry admitted to kissing Melinda and gaslighting everyone

Another huge Perfect Match season two drama was Harry being accused of kissing another cast member off-screen. It was said he kissed Too Hot To Handle’s Melinda, but at the time he denied it.

Now, speaking on his Boyfriend Material podcast, Harry has said he did kiss Melinda and also admitted to lying and gaslighting. “Yes I did kiss Melinda, yes I lied about it, yes I gaslit, yes I manipulated everyone, yes I tried to dance around it and make silly excuses,” he said.

He went on to say if anyone ever sees similar behaviour to his in a partner of their own “you need to get away from that person.” He said he “wasn’t impressed” with his own behaviour and was “disappointed” in himself for how he was on the show. “If my track record is anything to go by, if someone says I kissed a girl on a TV show, I fucking did it, no matter what.” Fair enough.

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