Harry Jowsey says he was drunk and ‘doesn’t remember’ Perfect Match after breaking sobriety

‘I look like I’ve got problems, and I did have a lot of problems’

Harry Jowsey has admitted he doesn’t remember much of Perfect Match season two, because he was drunk for most of filming. Harry had previously spent 13 months sober, but broke this around the time of filming the show.

Speaking on his podcast Boyfriend Material, Harry spoke about his experiences filming Perfect Match and said he was drunk “90 per cent of the time” and made “dumb decisions”. Harry is best known for being on Too Hot To Handle, and was then cast in season two of Perfect Match. He explored connections with Elys Hutchinson and then Jessica Vestal, before this broke down when he was accused of kissing someone else.

On his podcast, Harry said: “”I just want to preface that it was a year ago. At that time, I just broke my 13-month sobriety. I was going through a bit of a breakup. I was going through a hard time.”

Harry Jowsey on Perfect Match season two

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He then spoke about how alcohol affected the decisions he made on the show, and said: “I was absolutely sideways 90 per cent of the time. There’s a lot of conversations and things that we all see that I’m seeing for the first time and I’m like, ‘Why did I say that? What is going on?’. If you look at my eyes, I look very drunk. I look like I’ve got problems, and I did have a lot of problems.”

He said there was no limit to the alcohol consumption on the show, and that he would often be taking shots during the days there. “There was no limits with the alcohol, so we just kept going, and I realised that maybe there’s alcoholic tendencies inside of me that were coming out like every day,” he said.

Harry went on to admit he was “a little bit drunk” during arguments with Elys, so “didn’t know what was going on” and didn’t treat her in the best way he should have. Elys seems to have shaded this comment, posting a TikTok saying: “Imagine thinking releasing a podcast would be a good idea.”

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