Young Sheldon cast relationships

A look inside the adorable romantic relationships of the Young Sheldon cast

I still can’t believe Georgie is a dad in real life!

Whilst there are lots of adorable relationships in the Young Sheldon show, the ones the cast have in real life are somehow even more wholesome!

From partners who they’ve been with for over 30 years to Monata Jordan having just become a dad, it seems the majority of the Young Sheldon cast are in very happy relationships. So, lets have a look inside all the romantic relationships of the cast members, and prepare to feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons and his husband met in 2002 and just two nights later they went on their first date which is quite possibly the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

Just after their 15 year anniversary, the two adorable tied the knot at the Rainbow Room in New York in 2017. The pair have founded their own production company which is actually the one behind Young Sheldon. So if they’d never met Young Sheldon might have never existed!

Annie Potts


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Annie Potts plays Meemaw and like her character, she’s married a few different men in her time! She married her current husband James Hayman in 1990 and the pair have two sons together.

She knew he was the man for her “because right away he loved her son” from a previous marriage, adding: “We were instantly a family, had two more sons together and a very happy life.” I’m welling up.

Lance Barber


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Sadly not much is known about Lance Barber’s relationship as he is incredibly private, however, we do know his wife, Aliza, is a chef and the pair have two daughters together.

Montana Jordan


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Montana Jordan and his girlfriend Jenna Weeks just had an adorable baby together named Emma Rae. The pair have been dating since 2021 and it looks like an engagement could be on the cards for the pair before too long… I need to see a full Young Sheldon cast reunion at the wedding!

Emily Osment


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Emily Osment plays George’s girlfriend, Mandy and will star alongside Montana Jordan in their upcoming spin-off show. Last year Emily and her boyfriend Jack Anthony got engaged, with Emily sharing: “This magical, beautiful, kaleidoscope of a person asked me to marry him this weekend. I did not know life could be this sweet or I could ever be this deliriously happy.

“I am so proud of the life we have built together and the people we have become over the last few years. This love is so big and so uniquely ours and I know it can do anything. I am so honored to stand next to you every day. I love you, Jack.” The lump in my throat is only getting bigger.

Zoe Perry


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Lastly, is Zoe Perry who plays Mary in Young Sheldon and who has been married to producer and director Gab Taraboulsy since 2022. The pair keep their relationship pretty private but Zoe’s sister shared some pictures from her wedding that took place in Borgia Castle in Tuscany.

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