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Omg, there was apparently a 30 minute rant RuPaul gave Shannel that Drag Race didn’t air

All Stars 9 drama is never-ending

The latest RuPaul’s Drag Race drama from All Stars 9 has come from some rumoured tea emerging regarding Shannel and her performance this week, and how it went down with RuPaul. We saw some of it on the show, with RuPaul giving some feedback to Shannel and trying to build her up but according to Shannel spilling some extra tea the Drag Race All Stars 9 producers actually held back a load of what Ru said to her and her unbothered response.

Speaking at a Roscoe’s Tavern recap, Shannel explained that the runway category this week was called Widow Weep for Me, but that the queens got a different prompt in the email queens get beforehand to prep their looks. Shannel said the runway category was supposed to be “Are you a widow weeping or a weeping widow?”. Shannel then explained that the judges didn’t like her look this week at all. She alleges that RuPaul spent “literally 30 minutes” trying to build her up and uplift her. At the end, RuPaul asked Shannel if she understood what she was trying to tell her and Shannel just responded with a direct “Meh” to Ru’s face.

Shannel then further explained that in that moment she was done with everything and had lost the drive to justify her performance in the week’s challenge, where the Drag Race All Stars 9 queens had to act with RuPaul in scenes.

Shannel and her frustration has become a talking point of the series for fans watching, as she is yet to win a badge. Famously, Shannel was on the first ever season of Drag Race and was so frustrated by getting a lack of positive critique from the judges that she nominated herself to sashay away and said that the judges had never told her she was beautiful. Shannel’s competitiveness is the stuff of Drag Race legend, and fans theorise the reason why she is yet to win a challenge and get a badge is because of the show’s producers hoping she will provide similar TV gold again.

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