Bridgerton creator finally reveals real reason Gregory was wearing a sling the whole season

I was wondering about this for so long

The Bridgerton show runner has finally answered one of the ~biggest~ questions we all had during season three of the show: Why the hell is Gregory wearing a sling the whole time?

Gregory Bridgerton was seen from start to finish of season three walking around the Bridgerton household with his huge and obvious injury, yet nobody really explained what had happened. There’s a brief comment about Gregory playing on a roof and a joke from Benedict, but nothing more.

We had Eloise with her giant muffs because actress Claudia Jessie injured herself on set, so was this a similar thing? People have been wondering if the actor broke his arm in real life, and if the sling was a similar cover up story. Bridgerton show runner Jess Brownell has finally put us out of our misery, and explained the reason Gregory was wearing his sling.

Gregory wearing sling in Bridgerton season three

via Netflix

Firstly, we can all rest soundly at night because no, Will Tilston, the actor who plays Gregory, hadn’t actually hurt himself in real life. The injury was actually just to reflect Gregory’s mischievous character.

“Weirdly, no, it didn’t happen to Will,” Jess told Glamour magazine. “We just liked the idea that he’s a cheeky kid who is adventurous and had climbed up onto the roof. It gave him some really fun business to play.”

So, his sling was simply for us to believe that Gregory had been up to no good and was messing around the Bridgerton household. No real life injuries at all!

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