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From co-stars to models, read and weep over Luke Newton’s complete relationship timeline

No, he’s not single and yes, I have cried about it

After stealing the show on Bridgerton season three alongside Nicola Coughlan, Luke Newton has had the glow up of the century and is seriously hot in all of our eyes. Not only has he proven to us all that you can be friends with a guy first, he might actually be the first man ever to have successfully pulled off sideburns.

He’s making girls all over the world swoon, but does the “it” man have a girlfriend? Who has he dated before? It’s not looking good for us, ladies. Here’s a look at Luke newton and his complete relationship timeline.

Sophie Simnett – 2016 to 2018

Luke was rumoured to be dating fellow actor Sophie Simnett for two years, from 2016 to 2018. The pair met when they worked together on a  Disney UK series called The Lodge, from 2016 to 2017, but never went public with their relationship. Although a cute couple, they ultimately split after two years together. You know what they say about shitting where you eat…

Jade Louis Davies – 2019 to 2023

Clearly a fan of actresses, Jade Davis’ love story with Luke Newton is next on his relationship timeline, with the two pair dating for around four years. She was his first “official” girlfriend who he publicly announced dating after he became a prominent figure. Posting loads of photos together on Instagram, the pair were super romantic and a great match. Luke revealed how thoughtful his ex-girlfriend was to Pop Sugar back in 2021, explaining how she surprised him with a trip to Amsterdam at Christmas and a scrapbook of memories of them as a gift.

He said: “She’s got an amazing memory, much better than mine, so it’s kind of nice to me to look back and go, ‘Oh, that’s what we were doing that day,’ rather than just remembering the photo.”

Jade even accompanied Luke to the Bridgerton season two premiere back in 2021. But despite their picture prefect relationship, the pair went their seperate ways in 2023, claiming that they weren’t able to give enough time to each other due to their busy schedules.

A source told The Sun last year that the couple had broken up, commenting: “Luke and Jade drifted apart as they could not find time in their busy schedules to invest in their relationship.”

Despite their loved up years together, both Luke and Jade deleted all online traces of their relationship together, which wasn’t very millennial of them. Let’s just hope Jade didn’t watch episode five of the latest season, for her own sake.

Nicola Coughlan – 2021

With season three of Bridgerton focussing on the love story of Colin and Penelope, the many steamy scenes shared between the two have of course sparked rumours of a real life relationship between Luke and Nicola. The pair attended season three’s red carpet premiere in Bowral, Australia, holding hands on the red carpet and sparking many rumours that the pair were more than just friends in real life too.

But despite our wishful thinking, both Luke and Nicola have always been undeniably close friends, with selfies of them having fun together constantly popping up on each other’s respective Instagram pages. Maybe there’s still time for her to leave her mark on the relationship timeline of Luke Newton in the future – we can dream.

Antonia Roumelioti – January 2024 until present

Despite not officially confirming the whispers, Luke is rumoured to be dating Antonia Roumelioti, a model and dancer. They were both spotted together in LA on holiday only five months ago back in January. I know what you’re thinking – where’s the hard evidence that they’re together? Well, Luke and Antonia were actually spotted sunbathing by Griffith Observatory while on a hike, with a source revealing to The Mirror that they were an item.

They said: “Luke and Antonia get on really well and are having a great time together. They have not yet gone public as it is still early days, but they have grown very close and of course, all their friends and family know.

“They are thrilled to see them both so happy. And Antonia has been supporting Luke as he deals with the global attention that the latest series has attracted.”

Look – I’m happy he’s happy, but I can’t pretend to be soul crushingly disappointed to hear he’s not in fact single. A girl can dream.

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