Bridgerton error

There’s yet another huge editing error in Bridgerton season three that’s driving people mad

Did you spot it?

The minds of the people behind Bridgerton are genuinely incredible. There are so many hidden meanings and nothing is done without purpose. But there are actually quite a few editing errors in the new season that suggest maybe they didn’t have the closest eye on the final edit and they’re driving a lot of people mad.

First, we had the mystery of Penelope’s hair piece magically appearing back on her head, then we had the errors in the mirror scene with Penelope’s hair moving from being up to down. But there’s also another continuity error in season three and it happens in episode six when Francesca is announcing her engagement.

Via Netflix

The family is sitting at home fighting over the last chocolate macaroon when Francesca announces the news to them. In the scene, Eloise sits next to her mother Violet and goes to grab her hand after the announcement. But then the shot cuts out to a wider shot of the room and they do the exact same thing all over again, with Eloise grabbing her mother’s hand.

Maybe they were just double excited about the announcement?? If you didn’t spot it, it happens in episode six around the nine minutes and 49 seconds mark. Even if you didn’t spot it the first time around, it’s now going to drive you absolutely mad. Literally how did no one spot this?

Bridgerton error

Here they are having the exact same reaction all over again (Via Netflix)

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