Doctor guesses ages and plastic surgery had by Love Island 2024 girls

Doctor savagely guesses the ages of the Love Island 2024 girls and what work they’ve had

The plastic surgeon thought one of the girls was in her 40s

A doctor has guessed the ages of the Love Island 2024 girls and also shared what cosmetic work he thinks they’ve each had, and it got pretty savage. The plastic surgeon, who has never watched Love Island, was shown photos of the current cast members and asked to share his opinions.

Every year, talk quickly turns to the female contestants of Love Island and what work they’ve had done. Most of the time, the Islanders talk out about their tweakments and are happy to share all. This year, people have been commenting loads about the girls in the villa currently, and people have said they look a lot older than they actually are, putting this down to work on their face.

In a TikTok video which has now had over 10million views, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Daniel Barrett was asked to guess the ages of the girls in the Love Island 2024 villa right now, and as a doctor who specialises in procedures that look “natural”, was asked to give his expertise on what the girls may have had in the past.


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He was first asked about Jess, who is 25. He said he thinks Jess is 38, and “not natural”. He guessed the work Jess has had done in the past included lip fillers and a nose job and said it’s “obvious she’s got some work done in my opinion.”

Next up was Harriett, who is 24. He savagely said Harriett is 42-years-old, and said he thought she had previously had a bunch of work done. “Cheeks, lips, nose, fake lashes and brows, Botox,” Dr Daniel Barnett said whilst looking at her photograph.

Then he was shown two pictures of 24-year-old Nicole, one from her Instagram alongside her Love Island promo picture. “Are those two different photos of the same person?,” he asked. He then guessed she is 35, and has had her lips filled, as well as veneers and Botox.

Finally, Dr Barnett looked at Samantha. He said she is 32, and has had her lips done, nose done, cheek fillers, veneers and Botox. Samantha is actually 26.

Let’s just say, he was shocked to find out the real ages of the girls. “Obviously I don’t watch this show but maybe I should,” Dr Daniel Barrett concluded. “It’s crazy. Plastic surgery and injectables done wrongly can make you look older.”

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