Bridgerton part two petition

A huge fan petition is demanding Netflix restores deleted season three Bridgerton scenes

Almost 50,000 fans have signed to ask four crucial cut scenes to be restored

Part two of Bridgerton season three was released just last week but some fans have been left “unsatisfied” with the lack of wholesome moments between the couple and have started a petition. According to a select few fans who had been chosen to see part two of Bridgeton in advance, several important moments were cut from the final version of the show on Netflix.

As such, fans have taken it upon themselves to start a petition to demand Netflix and Shondaland to restore the deleted Bridgerton part two scenes into the original episodes, or by releasing them separately. Despite only being started three days ago the petition has already gained almost 50,000 signatures from fans, with over 15,000 people having signed just today. Fans feel as though the final edit of the show doesn’t do the relationship between Colin and Penelope justice and the cut scenes provide vital moments between the couple.


According to the petition, four key scenes were deleted which contained the following moments: Colin going home with Penelope after he finds her at the modiste, which leads to an angry kissing scene. The second deleted moment was the couple lying in bed together whilst talking about publishing Colin’s manuscripts. The third cut scene involved Colin whispering sweet nothings to Penelope in front of the mirror, kissing her neck and being playful towards her. The final cut moment was a long intimate montage in episode eight which included a scene where Colin goes down on Penelope.

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The petition implores: “We’d like Netflix to do Polin justice, by either releasing the deleted scenes as a separate episode or restoring the episodes the way they were initially intended. Luke and Nicola have done such a fantastic job, and knowing these beautiful and vulnerable scenes did not make the cut, feels like an injustice to their hard work.” So far neither Netflix nor Shondaland have responded.

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