They’re fuming! A rundown of the Love Islanders who were saltiest after getting dumped

At least leave the villa with some decorum, you guys…

Getting dumped from the Love Island villa is kind of a rite of passage for all Islanders, but that doesn’t mean that they all take it gracefully. Whilst most of the Love Island cast take their departure from TV with grace, dignity and decorum – smiling sweetly whilst declaring the fact they’re leaving to be “bittersweet” – others are unable to hide their bubbling rage. With Munveer and Patsy being unceremoniously dumped from Love Island 2024 and not looking best pleased about it, here’s a rundown of all the saltiest Islanders who were fuming about being dumped.


I mean, to be fair to him – he had a bit of a shite time in the villa. No one fancied him at all. He left looking suitably glum, and after being dumped said on Instagram “The overriding feeling is frustration, but deeply grateful for the opportunity, I didn’t just go there for the long holiday.”

Hugo and Amy

Oh these two were LIVID. Especially Amy, who felt like Hugo was disrespecting her as they were leaving the villa. It was a particularly salty round of dumping – all four who got put in the bin this time were absolutely raging.

Huge basically said he and Amy were just a holiday romance, and then she kicked off and called him fake. Classic.

Clarisse (LIVID)

Clarisse was brought back from Casa Amor by Tyler, who then eventually went back to Kaz. When she was dumped (same mass dumping as Hugo and Amy, as well as Sam) she did NOT hold back when letting us all know how she felt about it.

“I feel like he is a bit fake. I am a bit disappointed in him really,” she said. When asked if it was Tyler who initiated things with her, she added: “He definitely did. He said he was putting Kaz in a box and it’s away. He just kept saying he wanted to share a bed with me.”

When asked what she would do if Tyler asked to see her outside the villa, she said: “I can’t imagine seeing him, no. I didn’t say bye to him. There’s nothing he can say to me really.” Clarisse added that, if she had her time again, she “definitely wouldn’t have been with Tyler” because “he’s not really honest”. “He’s not true to himself in my opinion,” she said.

Joe Garratt on All Stars

The livid Joe Garratt got unceremoniously dumped after coming into the villa as a bombshell. He was barely in the series, and when he got chosen to leave he just muttered the moody words “Come on” to the other Islanders. He looked totally defeated.


To be fair to Shannon, I’d be fuming too. Barely a day in the villa and unceremoniously getting dumped by text. Awful. She was salty about leaving and even saltier when out – and has never held back her feelings on the show since.

Zara Lackenby-Brown

Love Island saltiest Islanders

After causing chaos with Olivia whilst in the villa, Zara was dumped from winter Love Island and was suitably annoyed about it. Not as annoyed as viewers, though – who wanted her to stay too to cause more mayhem.

Coco Lodge

Love Island saltiest Islanders

The queen of chaos. Honestly, maybe my favourite instigator of chaos to ever go into the Love Island villa, and for sure one of the saltiest Islanders ever who always made her feelings KNOWN. After being the catalyst for “sucked her tits or whatever”, Coco left the villa like she entered it: Honest.

She was then seen “fuming” in the airport after – iconic from her.

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