The net worths of the cast of Perfect Match season two on Netflix

The Perfect Match season two rich list: The huge net worths of the Netflix reality stars

No surprises for who is number one

If their net worths are anything to go by, you might be a little surprised that the cast of Perfect Match season two need to go back on the TV again. Maybe they are actually in that villa to find love? Pfft, actually, who am I kidding.

Anyway, this bunch of reality TV stars have done one show and failed finding love there, so are back adding to their dating histories and IMDb pages. So, just how rich are the Netflix stars?

Here is a ranking of the Perfect Match season two cast list, by their net worths.

7. Steven Ditter – $80k (£62k)

Steven rose to fame on Too Hot To Handle season three, and also works as a model and DJ. Ahead of Perfect Match, he said he wanted someone career driven, so working hard and earning money is clearly very important for him. It’s been reported Steven has a current net worth of an estimated $80k.

6. Dominique Defoe – $100k (£78k)

Dominique’s Netflix fame began on Too Hot To Handle season four. She has a net worth of $100k, and clearly has a lot going on – Dominique is a computer science tech wiz, tarot card reader, and Instagram influencer.

5. Elys Hutchinson – $155k (£122k)

Before Too Hot To Handle fame, Elys worked as a ski resort instructor and was once an Olympic skiing prospect. She’s also a model, of course she is, and signed to her first agency aged just 13. According to reports, she has an estimated net worth of $155k.

4. Melinda Melrose – $200k (£150k)

Melinda was first on season two of Too Hot To Handle, and has gone on to earn a net worth of $200k. She’s a model, influencer and YouTuber, and was the host of Netflix dating show, Dated and Related. She’s gone on to get herself a management since the show, and has worked with clothing and shoe brands on Instagram.

3. Brittan Byrd – $250k (£195k)

Brittan was a successful model before she took the Too Hot To Handle villa by storm. She’s signed to Gemini Projects, and currently has a net worth of $250k.

2. Dom Gabriel – $250k (£195k)

Dom Gabriel is Perfect Match royalty, but I’m not sure that’s necessarily a good thing in terms of his dating character. He was first on The Mole, and now both seasons one and two of Perfect Match. It’s been reported he has a net worth of $250k.

1. Harry Jowsey – $4.5million (£3.4million)

Surprise surprise! Harry Jowsey has the highest of all the Perfect Match season two net worths. Since starting out in the very first season of Too Hot To Handle, he’s become hugely successful. He’s now a YouTuber, podcast host and big online personality.

He has his own podcast called Boyfriend Material, and was recently on Dancing With The Stars. Harry can charge up to £7,756 per Instagram post, and has worked with brands such as BoohooMAN. Harry now has an estimated net worth of $4.5million.

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