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Everything Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton have said about their adorable friendship

‘We truly love each other’

After that undeniable chemistry in Bridgerton season three (who HASN’T been able to stop thinking about the carriage scene), a lot of people really assumed that Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton who play Pen and Colin, were actually in love.

They’ve since denied the romance rumours, but emphasised how they are best friends. With them gushing about each other in loads of interviews and all the wholesome pics on their Instas, I am utterly obsessed with their friendship.

So this is everything Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton have said about their adorable friendship:

‘We truly love each other’

Shutting down romance rumours at the NYC premiere of Bridgerton, Nicola said: “We think it’s really sweet, I think because we truly love each other.”

She then called Luke a “really special person in my life” and added, “I’ll never get to do something like this again, on this scale. It’s so nice having such a lovely friend that I can do all this with.”

They said they couldn’t do the sex scenes with anyone else

Nicola Coughlan Luke Newton

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Speaking about all the sex in the show, Nicola and Luke admitted they would have struggled to do the spicy scenes with anyone else. “Luke and I are really good partners and we had a lot of trust in one another,” Nicola told Marie Claire Australia.

“I would have struggled to do it with someone else, because we could talk about it and text about it and we had a lot of say in how those scenes were done.”

‘There’s something that just bonds you when you do this show with someone’

Speaking with Refinery29, Luke Newton says that there’s just “something that bonds you” when you star in Bridgerton with someone. “When you lead the show, you’re in every day together.”

“Any time that felt difficult or I was struggling with it — whether it was the schedule or the hours or jumping from episode to episode — I just felt reassured in the fact that Nic was going through the same experience and coping with it really well,” he added. “So I would go, ‘Right, get your shit together and let’s get on with it’.”

‘I don’t have a relationship like anyone in my life like I have with you’

Both Nicola and Luke agreed on the rarity of their friendship.”It’s a very rare experience,” she added to Refinery29. “I think we’re aware of how unique this is.”

Then she turns to Luke and says: “I don’t have a relationship like anyone in my life like I have with you.” The tears are well and truly flowing.

They’ve been ‘travelling the world together’

How very Colin of him! Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet, Luke said: “It’s been really special to like form our friendship over five years. We met each other on day one in rehearsals and now almost five years later we’re celebrating our season coming out and we’re in New York and it’s a real sort of surreal moment.”

“We’ve been travelling the world together and it’s been really nice to have that kind of support. We’ve supported each other throughout the whole journey on set and now to have that whilst we tour and promote the show it feels very appropriate actually to Colin and Pen. Because it’s their story they are friends and always have been so it feels appropriate.”

They’re so supportive of each other’s achievements

Back in June, Nicola posted an Insta pic of Luke, congratulating him on his latest performance in The Shape of Things. “Smashing it up on the London stage and I’m so proud, you’re the best @lukenewtonuk,” she said in the caption.

Then after Nicola designed a t-shirt for charity, Luke was one of the very first people to wear it and she shared a selfie of him in it with the caption: “Thank you Luke for being the best and supporting this incredible charity who are supporting refugees in great need the world over.”

They’ve spoken about their favourite things about working with each other

When asked about their favourite part of working with each other they said: “So many things” before hugging each other Nicola added: “He is truly the best dude. He is so kind, he is sweet, he’s got no ego, he’s a generous actor.”

Luke then replied: “The way she described me there is exactly how I feel about Nicola, she is so generous.”

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