New cast members for Made in Chelsea series 27

Reality nepo babies and familiar faces: Meet the five new cast members of Made in Chelsea

Ummm, James Taylor’s brother is now an official cast member?!

We’re now onto series 27 (yes, really!) of Made in Chelsea, are there is a bunch of fresh faces joining the cast for the newest episodes. Some of them were literally just babies when the show first began, but will now be brushing shoulders with the cast members on our fav SW streets.

Every series Made in Chelsea will add new faces to the cast, but for series 27 I’m sensing one theme: If you’re a bit of a nepo baby or have previous connections to the show: You’re in. Here’s a rundown of the full new cast.

Jack Taylor

Age: 22

Yes, you do recognise that name. Jack Taylor is James Taylor’s brother, and is 22 and from Battersea.

He’s been described as “a kind-hearted fun individual with a dry sense of humour.” Whilst they are close, James likes to give Jack a lot of advice, which Jack chooses to take with a pinch of salt. He’s also super close with his new sister-in-law Maeva, and they often go to one another for advice. 

Jack met Freddie Knatchbull last summer and they became instant best friends. They are currently thinking of moving in together in Chelsea, whilst Jack studies real estate in his final year at Westminster University.

He’s currently single, and has said he’s a “hopeless romantic” but not looking for a relationship unless he meets the perfect girl.

Sam Vanderpump

Age: 26

Again, yes you definitely recognise that name. Fulham-born Sam has reality TV in his blood – his aunt is the queen of reality TV, Lisa Vanderpump. Sam cherishes his special relationship with Lisa – they are super close and always have been.

Previously racing cars professionally and now running his own brokerage firm, Vanderpump FX, Sam is very confident and loves being centre stage. He is bubbly, energetic and at times has no filter. It’s safe to say that he likes to deal with confrontation head on.

He has been close friends with Reza for the last seven years and is a regular feature of Tristan and Harvey’s big nights out on the King’s Road.

Muffin (Julia Pollard)

Age: 21

Is it Made in Chelsea without someone with a posh nickname? Muffin, but I’m going to call her by her real name of Julia, was born in Battersea, and has been described as “loyal, cheeky and friendly”. Julia will always hold her own and stand up for what she thinks is right. A lot of her friends call her Muffin because she gives off “super sweet energy.”

Julia has been single for the last year, and is half Norwegian – she says guys love it when she tells them she’s half Scandinavian. Julia is a close friend of Jazz, they met through mutual friends, hit it off and have been friends ever since. In her spare time, she loves to go to the gym, meet the girls for an Aperol, party and flirt with the boys! 

Tina Stinnes

Age: 28

Here we go again – another face you recognise! Tina has been on Made in Chelsea before, and was then in season two of Love Island. She was first on the Chelsea scene throughout her twenties, and is now back for good.

She’s described as a “free spirit” with a “spontaneous personality” and prides herself on being loyal. She will always stand up for what she believes in and won’t let anyone mess her or her friends around. 

For work, Tina co-runs a sustainable swimwear company. She went to Hampstead Fine Arts College with Ruby, and she also knows Rez, Harvey, Verity and Lauren.

Tina has been single for a year and a half and is open to finding love with the right person. She likes guys with good energy and fun personalities. For fun she loves to party, hang with friends and travel. She is obsessed with her miniature Dachshund called Ares who she takes everywhere she goes.

Zeyno Taylan

Age: 24

London-born Zey met Harvey at a party last year and they have been dating over the past few months where, during this time, she has been getting to know all of his mates including Tristan and Rez. Zey is fun, spontaneous and fiercely loyal. She loves to party and is a regular at Raffles and on a night out she likes to lead the charge.

Currently working as a fashion stylist, Zey wants to get into the fashion world and get first-hand experience of how the industry works.

Made in Chelsea is back on E4 from Monday 15th April. For all the latest reality TV news and gossip, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.  

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