Dirk P Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer murderer what happened

Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer: What actually happened to murderer Dirk P?

He terrorised clubbers in Berlin

After already horrifying us with American Nightmare and Can I Tell You A Secret? at the start of this year, Netflix’s latest true crime documentary – Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer – is here to shock true crime fans even further with the story of murderer Dirk P.

In 2012, three men where drugged, robbed and killed with a lethal dose of GHB, known as “liquid ecstasy”, and as authorities scrambled to find the killer, his crimes sent shockwaves through the Berlin party scene. “This is the kind of case that made me feel we were dealing with a monster,” lead investigator Monika Laschke said. “A once in a century case.”

So, in case you’re wondering what actually happened to murderer Dirk P after streaming all of Netflix’s Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer, here’s everything you need to know about his punishment for his horrendous crimes and what happened to him in prison:

So, what happened to Dirk P and how long did he go to jail for?

Dirk P Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer murderer what happened

Credit: Netflix

Dirk P. was sentenced to life imprisonment in June 23 and the 39-year-old was meant to spend at least 25 years in prison. However, Dirk took his own life in jail just nine months after he was sentenced to life behind bars.

Before committing his murders, Dirk P had been a trainee teacher at a school in Brandenburg. He’d also trained as a nurse, where he learnt the knowledge needed to administer a lethal dose of GHB .

State prosecutor Katrin Faust admits in Netflix’s documentary she’s still haunted by the crimes: “I’ve worked thousands of cases in my career, and only a few have impacted me this much,” she says. “I am still afraid of this man.”

Why did Dirk P commit the murders in Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer?

Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer

Credit: Netflix

Despite only making around €500 from his crimes, the court still believed Dirk’s motivation was greed. “He also wanted to feel total power over others and revel in it,” Judge Peter Schuster added at the time.

When questioned by the police, Dirk claimed he had a “concrete moral compass” up until he experienced a childhood trauma, which he “couldn’t comprehend”.

He added, “I didn’t want to be gay, I was scared of being an outsider. I felt desperate, because I am scared of what I am capable of.” Dirk also admitted the killing spree over a matter of days “was all for the thrill of doing something forbidden.”

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