Explained: How to scroll past TikTok’s new unscrollable videos and how to make them

I am SICK of being put in scrolling jail right now

One of the best things about TikTok is that if you don’t like a video you can just immediately scroll past it and watch something else within a matter of seconds. Well, actually not anymore because now we’ve got unscrollable TikTok videos and we are truly in hell.

Unscrollable TikToks are popping up on everyone’s FYPs right now and it’s basically as it sounds, videos that pop up and don’t let you scroll past them. They’re not adverts or anything, just normal videos that get you stuck and leaves you physically unable to scroll off to the next video.

The videos let you scroll past them if you search for them, but not if they pop up on your FYP. People have just been really annoying with it and posted things like “You’re trapped” and “You’re in scrolling jail”.

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So, how do you scroll past on an unscrollable TikTok video?

To scroll past one of these videos you basically need to scroll either right in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or directly over the username of the poster. If you try anywhere else on the screen you’ll get stuck. Closing and refreshing the app also works but you lose your place on your FYP.

How do you make an unscrollable video on TikTok?

So, if you’re sick of being stuck on your FYP by other people and want to make one yourself, this is how you do it:

1. Go to film a TikTok video as normal.

2. When you’re in the editing stage of the video you need to press the Aa button on the right-hand side to add text.

3. Type in @invisname into the username search and press someone with an invisible username.

TikTok unscrollable

4. Edit the text and choose a transparent background.

5. Size up the text to make it fill the entire screen.

6. You can then edit the text again and change the colour of the background to make it fit the colour of the video.

And voila! Once you post the video, others will not be able to scroll because the profile tag takes up the entire screen. If you tap the screen instead of swiping it actually takes you to the profile of the invisible name you chose.

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