Gypsy Rose split Ryan

Omg, Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her husband Ryan SPLIT just three months after her release

Clearly the ‘D’ wasn’t that fire after all

You guys, just three months after Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released from prison she and her husband Ryan have decided to split.

According to People magazine, Gypsy Rose announced the split on a private Facebook account to her friends and family. She wrote: “People have been asking what is going on in my life. Unfortunately my husband and I are going through a separation and I moved in with my parents home down the bayou.

“I have the support of my family and friends to help guide me through this. I am learning to listen to my heart. Right now I need time to let myself find … who I am.”

Before their split Gypsy Rose and Ryan frequently talked about planning another second wedding. Ryan said that they both “want a proper wedding at some point. Gypsy deserves a white dress moment. I know every female deserves that. And Gypsy’s already got the style of dress she wants. And it kind of shocked me.”

Gypsy said: “A re-do wedding with all our family there would be amazing. I want the classy, fairy tale wedding that I always dreamed of as a child. I think that Ryan and I deserve that for each other. I want a white dress that’s a bit form-fitting, that flares at the bottom and has capped sleeves.”

Gypsy Rose also famously defended her husband from haters, saying on Instagram: “Ryan, don’t listen to the haters. I love you, and you love me. We do not owe anyone anything. Our family is who matters. If you get likes and good comments great, if you get hate then whatever because THEY DON’T MATTER. 

“I love you. Besides they are jealous because you are rocking my world every night. Yeah, I said it. The D is fire. Happy wife happy life.”

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