MAFS Australia 2024 cosmetic surgery

All of the MAFS Australia cast members who have had cosmetic surgery

Lip fillers galore!

From lip fillers to botox a lot of the brides on MAFS Australia 2024 have had some form of cosmetic surgery. But which cast members have splashed the cash on their appearance and what exactly have they had done? Let’s find out!



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A post shared by Lauren (@lauren_funn_)

MAFS Australia 2024 bride Lauren has openly admitted to having cosmetic surgery done.

She’s previously explained: “I’m definitely not afraid of a bit of Botox or some filler.” Lauren says she has had some lip filler and botox but her appearance has led to some harsh criticism, adding: “I’ve been told at times I look like a stuffed pig with an apple in my mouth on TV – that has definitely been a topic of conversation so far.”



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Unlike some of her fellow MAFS Australia 2024 brides Sara hasn’t confirmed if she has received cosmetic surgery or not, but based on pictures of how she used to look it does appear like she’s also received some lip filler.



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A post shared by Ellie (@elliedixoxo)

Ellie works as a full-time cosmetic nurse, specializing in fillers and botox. Again, she hasn’t confirmed whether she has received filler but she also looks like she has had a minor amount of lip filler and certainly has access to other injectables.



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A post shared by Eden (@edenharper)

Eden also looks like she might have got lip fillers before her appearance on MAFS Australia 2024 but she has not confirmed any cosmetic surgery yet.

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