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The Iron Claw to The Exorcist: A ranking of Molly Mae’s unhinged film reviews

The unlikely career path from Love Islander to film critic

Molly-Mae Hague is best known for her time on Love Island in 2019, her influencing, her PrettyLittleThing brand deal and her fake tan brand Filter. What she’s not well known for is her taste in cinema. But that hasn’t stopped her posting her film reviews all over social media – much to the shock and glee of everybody on X/Twitter.

Although Molly’s rankings seem like a fun hobby she’s sharing with her followers, her reviews can actually be quite brutal and have sent social media into a meltdown over how critical they can be. So, in case you’re intrigued by the new Mark Kermode of our times, here’s a ranking of Molly Mae’s unhinged film reviews, which may make you think twice before seeing the new The Iron Claw film.

Saint Maud

On 16th October 2020, Molly ventured off to the cinema to watch the new horror, Saint Maud, a film that has been critically acclaimed by many and said to be one of the best horrors produced that year.

Although many other eager horror film fans enjoyed the film, the former Love Island star was quick to share her distaste for the film on her Instagram story. Molly claimed she was “traumatised [by] how terrible the film was” and that “not one part made sense”. She was left “highly upset” and disappointed by Saint Maud, which left many followers confused as to what Molly did not like about it.

Many followers were quick to say that Molly was “simply wrong” about the film, but it seems the star has a picky taste when it comes to her horror films.

The Iron Claw

Starring Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White and Harris Dickinson, The Iron Claw was well received when it came out earlier this month and Molly was also a fan (thank God). According to Molly, The Iron Claw was a “10/10” and that she “couldn’t recommend it enough”. She was quick to share her reaction to the new horror film on her Instagram story as she commented: “I’ve not been able to stop thinking about it all day.”

Seriously, somebody get this girl a Letterboxd account. She wasn’t only amazed by the film but also added: “We were all a bit speechless when we came out of the cinema and VERY emotional! Also Zac Efron can seriously act…he was amazing. Forget Troy Bolton. 10/10!”.

Although the film began a “bit slow” for Molly’s liking, she found the film “amazing, emotional and unbelievable”. So, I guess Iron Claw is ranked the highest for the film critic, Molly Mae.


Molly’s most controversial film critic moment came when she reviewed all of the horror films she and Tommy had seen on their date nights. And the 2022 film M3GAN is one she highly discouraged her followers not to see. “2/10 (only film we’ve ever walked out of)” she said. Yikes.


In her long list of other well-known horrors, Molly Mae ranked the Exorcist Believer as a “8/10” with the simple comment, “scary and good!”. Following her long rankings of many, many, many horror films, she ended the list with: “We watched the new exorcist today and I really enjoyed.”

But along with this list, where she commented that Saw X was a “let down” and the Haunting in Venice was a “1/10” as it was a “murder mystery” instead of horror, the reality TV star revealed the one film which still scares her to this day.


After all of her brutal film reviews and critical views on many horrors, Molly Mae places Hereditary as her number one for horror films.

The 2018 psychological supernatural film received a 90% Rotten Tomatoes ranking and gained many positive reviews claiming it to be one of the “greatest horror films” and “most frightening pieces of horror” according to Metacritic. This film shows a cursed family with a genetic disorder which results in violence.

Many film critics claimed Toni Collette’s acting was “brilliant” and gave a “terrifying, hypnotic performance” as reported by The Guardian.

Whereas, film critic, Molly Mae commented that Hereditary is “10/10 scare level”. The horror films terrified the star so much that she doesn’t “even like scrolling past it on Netflix”.

So, there you have it – from Molly Mae herself. You can decide whether to agree with her reviews or disagree. Either way, Molly is a woman of many talents, and film reviewing is just another one to add to her list.

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