One Day foreshadowed

One Day foreshadowed the heartbreaking ending in episode two and we’re all stupid

Got no tears left to cry at this point

One Day on Netflix has broke us all into a billion pieces covered in tears, naturally – but the show actually foreshadowed most of the heartbreak at two key parts in earlier episodes and we’re all stupid for not seeing it coming.

The first big bit of One Day foreshadowing was back in episode two – where the show foreshadowed the tragic ending using a very significant bit of music. The episode opens with Un Bel Di Vedremo Maria Callas, from Madame Butterfly. The opera is famous for being extremely heartbreaking – which was also the inspiration for the musical Miss Saigon.

No characters in Madame Butterfly get a happy ending – and the usage of this music so early on suggests things will probably work out the same for Emma and Dexter. The second episode of One Day is really where the sad stuff surrounding Dex’s life really kicks in, which just adds to the theory.

Another major foreshadowing part comes in episode seven – where One Day potentially gives away the ending in the way the show styles the characters in the restaurant. Both characters are wearing all black and it signifies what’s to come as their relationship sours and the sad ending looms for the two of them. Maybe it’s nothing, but I feel like the show was telling us exactly what was to come.

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