It’s only been a few weeks, but apparently there’s baby chat between Katie Price and JJ

According to sources she’s ‘desperate’ to have another baby

Despite the fact that JJ and Katie Price have only been dating for a couple of weeks, it’s been reported they’re already talking about having kids together.

A source has revealed that Katie Price thinks it’s “now or never” to have more kids and that she sees JJ as being “young and virile,” but it seems JJ might not be on the same page as her quite yet.

Speaking to The Daily Star the source said: “Katie really loves being a mum, and she loves the attention she gets when she’s pregnant. She’s seeing JJ now and he’s young and virile, so she thinks this might be the last chance she has of fulfilling her baby dream. She knows it’s now or never.”

Earlier this month Katie Price said on her podcast that she and JJ aren’t official yet saying “a boyfriend is when you’re ‘boyfriend, girlfriend’.” And whilst she’s apparent keen to start a family with him, he’s “not thinking about starting a family any time soon.”

The source claimed: “He loves kids and he’s a family man, but he’s not thinking about starting a family any time soon,” and “He’d like them when the time is right, but he knows that he rushed into marriage and he has no desire to rush into fatherhood.”

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