MAFS UK cast reunion

Bans and declined invites: All the MAFS UK cast members who’ll be missing from the reunion

Sadly we won’t be seeing JJ and Katie Price together

The newest MAFS UK reunion is starting on the 26th of February and from the trailer, it looks absolutely explosive but not all of the cast members will be present at the reunion.

From fallouts with the producers to being forcibly removed from the show, here are all of the cast members who will not be attending the MAFS UK reunion this month.


Luke wasn’t allowed to attend the previous MAFS UK reunion after being removed from the show due to his aggressive behaviour, and he will not be attending this one either.

When asked why he wasn’t attending Luke said: “The simple answer: I fell out with the producers/ channel because of the edit and the trust was lost. I’m sure my name would have been mentioned though.”


Whilst Brad was at the previous MAFS UK reunion, he is another cast member who will not be attending the upcoming one.


Last time Arthur didn’t attend the reunion because he was hungover, so maybe that’s why he’s not going to appear in this MAFS UK reunion either!


Terence wasn’t present at either MAFS UK reunion, with him and Porscha not lasting very long on the experiment before leaving. We all remember spoongate.


I think Porscha is trying to do everything she can to scrub her appearance on MAFS UK from her memory.


Given that Nathanial said he “couldn’t imagine anything worse” than attending an MAFS UK reunion with his fellow ex-cast members, it’s safe to assume that’s why he won’t be attending.


Whilst JJ did attend the previous MAFS UK reunion he isn’t present at this one, which means we won’t be hearing any juicy details about the relationship between him and Katie Price.


After a bad experience with JJ where Bianca was left humiliated and ultimately left the show it’s no wonder she isn’t going to be attending the newest reunion.


Mark is another MAFS UK cast member who will not be attending the reunion.


And fellow groom Sean won’t be attending either.

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