Here is a look inside the shooting locations of the Netflix miniseries Griselda

Here is a look inside the filming locations of the Netflix miniseries Griselda

The Cocaine Godmother ran Miami x

The new Netflix series Griselda tells the real-life story of the drug boss Griselda Blanco, but what do we know about its filming locations?

The six episodes follow the Cártel de Medellín 70s and 80s heyday shipping cocaine from Colombia to Miami. However, did you know that the production opted not to film in the Florida city for historical reasons? They decided that the current edition of the city no longer resembled the Miami that Griselda earned her nickname of Cocaine Godmother. This meant that the show did no actual filming in Florida city or the South American country. Both have changed so much since then. By the time production started between January and June 2022, they needed to find places that could be easily passed off as Miami.

“When we couldn’t go to Miami, because Miami looks nothing like pre-cocaine explosion Miami, where our story is set, we had to recreate it in Los Angeles, and we were very meticulous about it,” the executive producer Eric Newman told Tudum. 

However, this leaves us wondering: Where did Griselda settle for its filming locations instead of Miami?

Los Angeles, California

This meant filming took place mainly in Los Angeles. Due to its size and lack of development compared to Miami, they could easily swap out locations. For example, Amilcar’s apartment is actually the Dorothy Chandler penthouse in the Los Angeles Times Building.

The restaurant where Griselda, played by Sofia Vergara, meets the character Chucho is actually the Astro Family Restaurant in the LA neighbourhood of Silverlake. The iconic dinner has appeared across pop culture, like the Gucci campaign featuring Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto.

Long Beach, California

Instead of Miami Beach, the Griselda team chose to film at Long Beach. Griselda’s happening party was shot at Casa Oceana. The now-defunct Casa Ripples provided the background for various scenes in the Netflix series. Nearby attractions include the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden.

Redondo Beach

The San Pedro area gave another great alternative to the Miami locations as it is the largest small boat marina on the West Coast so gave all the harbour feels.

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