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The woman from *that* viral window video has shared the real story behind the flashing

She also wet herself while she was upside down


Right now there’s a new viral video that everyone’s been unable to escape on social media and it’s genuinely hilarious. It involves a poor woman who ends up getting stuck in a window and flashes her boobs to everyone trying to get back into her house.

As her sister tries to help her and tips her legs in, gravity takes over and her boobs fall out of her dress and are just fully swinging around in the window. She carries on struggling and eventually manages to get in while her sister just watches dying of laughter.

But now the woman behind the video, Lisa Rowland, has spoken about how on earth she actually ended up in that situation and how she feels about having millions of people seeing her boobs.

If you’re one of the 20 million people who haven’t seen it, here it is in all its glory:

The woman in question, Lisa Rowland appeared on This Morning alongside her sister who also appeared in the video. She said the whole thing happened on the 20th June last year after she left her keys in the house when she went shopping and needed the loo.

“It was in June, I’d done the school run, gone out taken the dog to the vets, went shopping and halfway through the supermarket needed the toilet.”

She then spotted the open window which was the “only option” to get back in so her sister gave her “a bunk up and just put her through the window.”

When Lisa was asked what the moment was when she realised it was too far gone and what was happening, she replied “I think it was when the left one came out. I tried to put it back in, if you look I really tried but it didn’t work so then I just let go of everything!”

Via ITV/YouTube

But as if flashing her tits to millions of people wasn’t enough, Lisa actually also wet herself when she was stuck in the window. She said: “I weed around my neck, yeah” and it was “dipping around my face.”

It was Lisa’s partner Nicole who filmed the whole thing because she knew “it was gonna go two ways”. But they didn’t even realise it was posted online.

“We didn’t even know it was posted online,” she said. “I got a message about 8:30 last night like you’re all over Facebook.”

They didn’t put it on any social media and just shared it with friends so have no clue how it got out.

She added: “I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or lie about it.” But when she saw all the positive reactions and comments it made her happy “because I love a bit of laughter,” she said.

But probably my favourite bit of the whole saga, Lisa now has her keys tied around her neck with an elastic band and never takes them off so we don’t get a round two of the incident. “I can’t do this stuff again, I’m not able”, she laughed.

viral window video

Via ITV/YouTube

Alison Hammond finishes the interview by asking if there was a point when she was actually panicking and she replied: “Yeah when I fell to the ground covered in urine I think I passed the point of panic.”

I would actually never be able to show my face again I fear.

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