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Demi says she and Luis are both ‘definitely definitely single’ after Love Island: All Stars

Demi explained the relationship is ‘difficult’

Despite the fact Demi and Luis left the Love Island: All Stars villa together it seems Demi isn’t in any hurry to lock down a relationship with Luis, claiming they’re both “definitely single.”

In an interview with Digital Spy Demi admitted that their relationship was “difficult” and whilst they’re enjoying each other’s company both she and Louis are “still getting to know each other after Love Island: All Stars.

Demi said she and Luis “actually formed such a nice, special bond in Love Island”. We were actually the only ones who really liked each other, so I think it was such a shock for all the islanders, as well as ourselves, that we were dumped.

“Because everyone was saying, ‘Oh Dems, you and Luis, you really like each other. You’re going to do so well in this competition’. So I think naturally, we were a bit more relaxed. We thought, ‘Do you know what? We’re the only ones that actually like each other’. So it was such a shock.

“But, obviously, since coming out [of the show], it’s difficult. I live in Portsmouth, he lives in Manchester, and all your work commitments are super, super crazy.

“But I would definitely say I’m definitely still single, Luis is definitely still single. I only met him three weeks ago, guys! But we are still getting to know each other, so we’ll just see what happens.”

Since leaving the Love Island: All Stars villa together neither Demi nor Luis have posted any pictures together, and Luis hasn’t even liked Demi’s leaving post, leading fans to speculate whether the two are even still together at all anymore.

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