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Tim and Sara’s MAFS Australia ‘staged’ wedding had to be re-filmed three times

Guests were waiting for over two hours


There’s been a lot of speculation over to what extent MAFS Australia is staged but some new pics have confirmed that it definitely is, with one of the weddings being re-filmed three times.

Pictures from The Daily Mail Australia show multiple scenes of the wedding being filmed over again to get the best take. The wedding was between Sara Mesal and Tim Calwell and footage shows them being asked to do different takes, something neither bride nor groom looked too happy about.

Sara’s makeup was being continuously touched up throughout the day and guests were kept waiting for over two hours for the ceremony to start, at which point they were asked to hand over their mobile phones.

Tim and Sara were seen reading their vows to each other a total of three times, with each take being from a different angle.

The wedding continued in chaos as the best man speech was condemned by viewers for being “crass,” leading fans to call for the show to be cancelled. The best man Ben referred to his new wife as “experiment number 865,” before listing off Tim’s dating and sexual past.

Sara’s bridesmaid Lauren told the cameras, “The comments about giving head on the road is disgusting. This speech is an absolute train wreck. That was a red flag if I’ve ever seen it. What did I say? Ben’s speech was really derogatory. I thought it was disgusting.”

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