A MAFS Australia groom has dramatically quit the show before he even got married

The show hasn’t even aired yet and there’s already so much drama!

Despite being in the promotional pictures you won’t be seeing one MAFS Australia groom walking down the aisle, as he dramatically quit the experiment just days into the show.

Marketing manager Simon Flocco’s promotional picture was noticeably less polished than the other cast members, leaving Channel Nine to digitally insert the groom into the photo after he dramatically quit the show days before he was due to walk down the MAFS Australia aisle.

Simmon has said that he quit the experiment because “MAFS wasn’t what I thought I wanted at this point in my life, that’s all.”

He added: “I just felt bad for whoever they set me up with. I did initially leave, but they managed to coax me back, I gotta look out for myself.” Simon’s future husband is apparently later set up with a new groom halfway through the series.

It has been reported that Simon’s decision to leave the show caused chaos for the production team, with an insider saying: “It’s complete and utter chaos! Simon leaving was a blindside. Everyone’s been running around like headless chickens trying to salvage the situation.”

“He kept having doubts, expressing his discomfort. Producers, hungry for a groundbreaking narrative, persuaded him to stick around. That’s why he was at the bucks.”

Simon will appear at the beginning of MAFS Australia where he introduces himself before attending the stag do with the other grooms, but will quit before his wedding day.

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