The Traitors season two cast pics

Just a bunch of cute pics of The Traitors season two cast hanging out since filming ended

Jasmine and Zach are finally friends again!

Since season two of The Traitors aired on BBC, we’ve all become obsessed with the reality show and some of the characters we met on it – and after the series filmed loads of the cast members stayed friends and have been sharing cute pics together.

They’ve been out for meals, drinking cocktails, attending events and enjoying life together when they don’t have to go to bed praying they’re not going to be murdered over night.  Loads of the cast are very much still in touch, and it will definitely warm your heart.

Here’s a collection of all the cutest pics shared by the cast of The Traitors season two:

1. I’d do anything to be in their group chat

2. Fizzy Rose anyone?

3. Miles and the Winklemeister looking fine

4. I’m immediately sad

5. Ash calling Harry ‘my little Haribo’ is too much

6. She simply serves

7. Miles is so wholesome

8. The crossover I didn’t know I needed

9. Family photo vibes

10. The Traitors is for the girls

11. The gang on the telly

12. Pure vibes from all

13. A blurry but adorable selfie addition from Charl and Ash

14. Our king Harry – and just Paul

15. Why do I have FOMO

16. Soppy captions only

17. For Bristol!

18. Why does Brian look like Jordan North in this photo?

19. The doctor will see you now

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