MAFS Australia application process

From STI to behavioural tests: Inside the ‘insane’ MAFS Australia application process

One applicant said she felt ‘typecast as a villain’

Let’s be honest, we’re all wondering what the application process behind MAFS Australia is. It seems a marvel some of the members of the cast manage to get past the initial stages.

And thanks to TikTok user @juliasingsmyths2 we have a better idea of the MAFS Australia application process, as she went through it herself. Julia was contacted last February and had applied to the experiment just the night before. The application process lasted a whopping seven months as it wasn’t until September that the weddings were filmed.

Julia made it all the way to being cast in the 2024 MAFS Australia cast lineup, but ended up finding love before the wedding was filmed, causing her to quit the show.

Julia explained the “insane” and rigorous application process in her TikTok video: “There were a lot of interviews, all of them were with different producers, and all of them were recorded, except for one with a publicist.

“I had to, of course, do a full police check and citizenship test, but they also make you do an entire medical exam to make sure you are mentally and physically fit to participate on the show.”

Julia was also required to get checks for “every single STI including blood.” Whilst she was undergoing her medical examinations she had to do “mobility” checks, although they didn’t seem to matter much as the doctor ticked off all the tasks without Julia having to demonstrate her mobility.

As she got further into the process Julia admitted that she felt as though the producers were trying to typecast her as the “villain of the season,” by making her seem like she had an air of elitism and judgement towards the other cast members.

She explained: “I had producers say stuff like, ‘Now Julia, you have three university degrees, and you speak five languages. Are you sure you’re going to find your intellectual equal on this show?’

“They were fully trying to get me to say that I was smarter than everyone else and that no man on the show would be good enough for me. And all of this was recorded and I did not want to give them any opportunity to make me the villain.”

But despite Julia pulling out of the show it seems like this year’s cast of MAFS Australia will give us a lot of drama, with expert Mel Schilling describing how they behaved in an “abhorrent and inappropriate” manner, leaving her “gobsmacked.”

I can’t wait for the drama!

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